I am always looking for new ways to organize my classroom and make it more accessible for all and easier if there is a sub in the classroom. Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. 

Keep your visuals and social stories near the area needed. 
Hang on a board or on the wall with 3M strips and command hooks. 

I have all the visuals and social stories right there. For clean up time those social stories and visuals are by the play area. Circle time area ones are kept in a basket right near where I sit. 

Use felt and hard velcro to hang up single visuals needed regularly. 

I have smaller pieces of felt around with pictures of clean up, bathroom, etc. where those visuals are needed regularly. 

Place calendar numbers for each month in a small accordian file.

At circle time area keep small individual circle time rules accessible and for students to hold. 

If you have an AM and PM class with two different schedules use clothespins to fold up the picture and clothespin behind instead of removing completely. 

Keep behavior folders and papers to go home near the door and near their mailboxes/ cubbies. 

Visuals for outside keep on a lanyard and hung by the door to go outside. 

Have copies for your para-pros too! 

At my center keep colored crayons in wipe containers to give to students individually. I keep all of my items in a small container that you can put under table or out of sight easily. 

Keep small pics for visuals in a dvd case labeled for that center so you easily switch out the pictures. 

I keep a container with paper that need to be graded and filed and extra individual core vocabulary boards underneath that to easily grab out if needed.  

Report card and assessments I keep in a movable container so that if I am assessing down at the sensory room or another part of the classroom I can easily grab it and pull it over there. 

Last, but not least, I was always misplacing my calendar numbers. Get a magnetic container and place the numbers right above the calendar so they can remain organized and not get lost. 

I hope some of these help!!! What tips and/ or tricks do you have to make things a little easier?!

 And the Kwik Stix winner is...

Thanks all for entering the giveaway!!!!! 

To start I will be honest I have never done a theme and my room is not all glitzy as you see all over Pinterest and Facebook. 

For my students (and myself)  less is more! They need as little distractions as possible and need to be introduced how to use different items and things in the classroom before they can be out. 

This is the view from circle time area. 

Here is a close up of our calendar area. The second week of school I begin to introduce color, number, abc, and shape letter of the week. 
Here is the circle time flip chart. I also keep the core vocabulary boards on here to use.

Here is a close up of my center schedules the students carry to each center area. 

Here are the classroom rules and red and green choice visuals. 

I have clear tubs that contain our circle time song visuals and props. 

I also have our circle time visual charts (abc, counting, song, etc) kept in the other. 
This is my dramatic play area. At the start of the school year we introduce the kitchen and how to use cups, plates, pots, pans, silverware, and a little bit of food. Initially a lot of my students like to dump out everything and then don't really know what to do with it so I just have 6 tubs out. At the end of playing with them I then teach them how we sort out the items. Typically my kitchen area is basic like this for the month of September. In October I begin to introduce different dramatic play themes and props. 

I LOVE this storage cabinet. Before open house this cabinet will be covered by a sheet. Out of sight, out of mind. I have some of my table time storage here and early finishers storage. Again, initially at the start of the school year we pull out some select items for the students to use when they finish their other activity. We try to pick items that they can do independently, are safe and cannot be ingested. 

Here is the calm down area and  safe area. I can see the students at all times here and if they are very upset they stay safe by having the mats. 

There are social stories about how to handle being mad and what they can do to self-regulate themselves. By the end of the year the students know that if they go to the calm down area when they are back in control they can return back to the activity we are doing. 

Here is my center table. Off to the right is the I can statements/ visuals for that.
Here are the work boxes. I will introduce these the second or third week of school to the kiddos. 

This is my area. I have most of my papers copied for the first month of school (stored in left metal rack). The report card assessments are in the teal file hanging folder.

The second week of school we will make our birthday crowns and I will staple them up there. 

So that is my room. Nothing too fancy, but as the year goes on more things are pulled out as the children are ready to use them. 

Have you ever used Kwik Stix?! My students and kids LOVE them! 

Why are they so AWESOME?!

1. Lots of colors!
2. Bright!
3. Quick Drying! Instead of using paint that can take a long time to dry these dry almost instantly.
4. They make doing handwriting practice fun!
5. Are a great alternative to markers and crayons!
6. You can get them at Target or Amazon. 

I love trying to use different types of drawing materials with my students and Kwik Stix worked great on cardboard! This would be a fun table time activity or early finishers activity. 

We are going use kwik stix to decorate our super hero masks the first week of school. 

My students LOVE using them to practice writing their letters

or doing letter finds!

Now for  a giveaway!!! Want to win your own set of kwik stix?! Enter the giveaway below!

(I was asked to review Kwik Stix, but all of these opinions are my own)
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