Whenever I have a new student mid year I get a reminder of how far my students have come with learning the classroom routine and procedures. They know what to do and enjoy the routine even when I think they may not!

How do you teach your students the routine and procedures?!
large schedule
small schedule
individual schedule
Picture/ social stories of what is expected and happy/ sad choices. You can find some social stories here. 
Social Story Bundle
Visuals before each activity of what is expected. You can find this here. 
I have schedules for most of what we do throughout the day. 

2. Make visuals accessible to be able to be used easily!
4. Some students may need hand over hand initially, but always first give them the opportunity to try to do it independently. 
5. Consistency! If you keep using the visuals and model, eventually your students will remind others in the same way! It helps the classroom run smoothly (most of the time) and can reduce some of the behaviors you have in your classroom.

I don't know about you, but I am itching for the snow to melt and the warm weather to come! 

With spring hopefully around the corner soon  I have updated my Spring is in the Air activities. 

Here is what is included:

You can find all these activities and more here!

My kids were all about Birthdays this past November so I changed our dramatic play area into a birthday party. 
There is also a sheet for students to request the kind of cake and ice cream they want. 

With the sign also comes a requesting for cake, ice cream and a drink.

Here are some of the items included in our birthday dramatic play area:

You can find similar ones below:

  Clicking Camera With Animal Pictures - Pack Of 12 Plastic Cameras

Birthday hats (you can also find them at the dollar store).

Fun Rainbow Birthday Party Foil Cone Hats , Pack of 12, Multi , 7" Foil

Plasitc Ice Cream Cones from Learning Resources

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones

My kids also LOVE this birthday cakes from Melissa and Doug. 

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