Marshmallow Game

After seeing how she used the marshmallows for sight word identification I decided to do the same but for number and alphabet identification and matching. Print on cardstock, laminate and attach magnets or velcro to the back of the marshmallows. Use a "fishing pole" and the students pick the marshmallows out of the campfire and identify what they picked. I am going to be making a campfire to go with it but I have not had the opportunity to do so yet (hopefully tomorrow!). Enjoy! :)

Lower Letters a-l Marshmallows

Lower Letters M-w Marshmallows

Lower Letters Y-z Marshmallows

Upper Case Letters
Letters a-L Marshmallows

Letters M-W Marshmallows

Letters Y-Z Marshmallows

Number 1-12 Marshmallows

Number 13-24 Marshmallows

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