Crazy Week!

After an insanely crazy week of finishing up IEPs, setting up my classroom and trying to prepare as much as possible before my maternity leave...I am thankful to have this Friday off to breathe! The name matching activity needs some explanation. Many of my little ones coming in (as young as 2.5 years) do not know how to spell their name and this activity was very enjoyable for them last year. Each child gets their own color of construction paper and I put their name on it. I used comic sans font because it does not contain a book a like many of the fonts. Then, I cut the letters from the bottom of the paper out and add velcro to right below so that they can match their name. This is a great filler if you have just a few minutes. While doing this I try to have the kids say each of the letters in their name.

Today while at Lakeshore I saw a peanut counting game and instead of spending $30 created my own version of it. I am sure my afternoon kids (3-5 years old) will definitely enjoy this activity. Thanks to dj inkers pictures I was able to create this and save some money. :)

Counting Peanuts

Here it is. Enjoy!

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