To make this all you need to construction paper and Velcro. I typed up the students names in comic sans (two per page-one at the top and one at the bottom) and printed off a copy. Run it through the copier and put it onto construction paper. I then laminated the page, cut out the letters at the bottom and attached Velcro on the back. Attach Velcro underneath and you have name matching task for your kiddos.

I am definitely eager and ready to go back! I have been in my room on and off for the last two weeks and this coming week we have preschool screeners and I will be finding out who will be in my morning class for this year!

After seeing how she used the marshmallows for sight word identification I decided to do the same but for number and alphabet identification and matching. Print on cardstock, laminate and attach magnets or velcro to the back of the marshmallows. Use a "fishing pole" and the students pick the marshmallows out of the campfire and identify what they picked. I am going to be making a campfire to go with it but I have not had the opportunity to do so yet (hopefully tomorrow!). Enjoy! :)

Lower Letters a-l Marshmallows

Lower Letters M-w Marshmallows

Lower Letters Y-z Marshmallows

Upper Case Letters
Letters a-L Marshmallows

Letters M-W Marshmallows

Letters Y-Z Marshmallows

Number 1-12 Marshmallows

Number 13-24 Marshmallows
Here are Our Hands. We will make a class book and paint their hands in the book.
Here Are Our Hands

Also, we will be doing some activities with m&m's...graphing and counting them out.

Counting m&Ms

And last, but not least a transportation counting book, which we plan on using stamps or stickers to put the correct amount on for each page.

Transportation Counting Book
Every year I feel like parents do not call to notify me, the office, or transportation of students being sick or not attending school. So I have created a blank magnet label that you put on a magnet and parents are able to keep so that they do not misplace our phone numbers.
Blank Magnet Labels
Preschool Handbook
i can ride in book

It is hard to believe that summer is just about over! I will be heading into the classroom tomorrow to begin getting some things set-up. I am extremely anxious this year as I am expecting in October and I want to make sure that everything is super organized and ready for when my sub comes! Wish me luck! From seeing all the other fun blogs going on I created my own ABC boxes as Kathryn did at kindergarten, kindergarten blog did. I found some small things from my barbie stuff that is still sitting in the basement. I will be using this during centers. Many of my students are in my classroom because of speech and language reasons so I will be discussing the objects with them and providing them with magnifying glasses to investigate the objects more closely.
I also created a couple of Halloween activities since I will be on maternity leave at that point. I created a "counting" bat. Students will draw a number and put that many clothespins on the bat. Originally the idea was for addition but I made it a little more simple. Also, I created a Miss Spider matching shapes. My students always need lots of practice on shape identification and matching, especially at the beginning of the year!
Counting Bat
Miss Spider Matching Shapes

After being inspired by all the other fun pre-K and Kindergarten blog sites with all there fun activities and ideas I have decided to begin my own blog. I have not seen a lot of sites for Early Childhood Special Ed. and many of the ideas from pre-K and K can be used but have to be simplified so I am hoping to share some of my simplifications and ideas in my ECSE classroom. :)
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