After another rainy day I have made a couple of books that I plan on using this year. The first one is Where is the Dog?, which practices positional words. Many of my students speech goals involve identifying positional words. It is a very challenging concept so my kids need constant practice.
Where is the Dog

The second book, is counting how many bees. I may use this book this fall with my afternoon students as we need to practice counting and writing to 10.

How Many Bees
As my second year teaching preschool special ed. I have made some changes to accomodate my students needs as much as possible. The behavior chart I created I have included a happy face so the students know what that they want to work their way up and the pictures of the thinking chair and what they could potentially miss for poor behavior is included.
I had the kids make their birthday crowns the second day of school. This is to help me remember when their birthdays are and also it is fun and personal to them.
I color-coded my classroom rules so as to differentiate each rule and there are pictures to code what they should be doing.

A picture schedule made on Boardmaker is another change I made. I pull each thing off as we accomplish it.

I am also making a schedule for one of my autistic students that contains real pictures that will be more personal to him. The laminator was down today so I am hoping to get that created tomorrow.
Lastly, I have created jobs for my afternoon class. Last year, I had a special helper and I will continue to do that daily, but this will be anice addition. I am introducing the jobs this week.
While I am on maternity leave in November the students will be doing an All About Me unit. My brother had made a book like this back when he was in school and I found it and thought it was adorable. So I have updated it and hope my kids enjoy it. I am sure the parents will!

All About Me Book

Since I may still be out in December I have also created an Our Colorful Winter Book. My morning class knows no shapes or colors and is struggling to even match shapes and colors so this book should be good re-enforcement for them.
Our Colorful Winter

I also created some birthday calendar tags, which I think the kids will be very excited about!
Birthday Calendar Tags
After a very crazy beginning of the week with bussing issues persisting (kids not being dropped off at the proper place or being placed on the correct bus). Also, with the morning class list changing way more than I can keep up with it! I have gone from 12 to 9 to 10 kids. What tomorrow's count will be who knows? Admist all this I am attempting to complete Brigance testing on my little ones that are new and get all of that data entered into the computer.
Well, I have created a new behavior chart inspired by others in my building and from other bloggers. I have included pictures of what they will miss at each spot as well. That is not pictured yet, but should be upon the next post.
My morning class of little ones is going to wear me out daily for awhile! Coming in so small they had no idea what was going on and many were rolling around on the carpet or running right away to the kitchen, but after a full week hopefully we can establish a routine with them. Today I made a street sign book as we will be beginning our transportation unit soon. I will begin my assessing next week to see what my morning students know. I think this street sign book may be helpful to them. My afternoon class (all the returning students 3-5 years old) are going to definitely going to enjoy this book. They are also going to make for a much more less exhausting afternoon as they remember the routine and know the rules well! I am so impressed that they still remember all the rules from last year! I have also made a new behavior chart that I will be posting soon. :)

My Book of Street Signs

Here is the street sign book.
Well, tomorrow I finally get to meet my kids! Yay! It is going to be a very interesting year as the morning class is mostly 2.5 years old, but I also have a couple of older 4's. We shall see how this goes. While trying to get prepared for my maternity leave I needed something for the first week of October which we will be talking about pumpkins.

Where is the Pumpkin

After an insanely crazy week of finishing up IEPs, setting up my classroom and trying to prepare as much as possible before my maternity leave...I am thankful to have this Friday off to breathe! The name matching activity needs some explanation. Many of my little ones coming in (as young as 2.5 years) do not know how to spell their name and this activity was very enjoyable for them last year. Each child gets their own color of construction paper and I put their name on it. I used comic sans font because it does not contain a book a like many of the fonts. Then, I cut the letters from the bottom of the paper out and add velcro to right below so that they can match their name. This is a great filler if you have just a few minutes. While doing this I try to have the kids say each of the letters in their name.

Today while at Lakeshore I saw a peanut counting game and instead of spending $30 created my own version of it. I am sure my afternoon kids (3-5 years old) will definitely enjoy this activity. Thanks to dj inkers pictures I was able to create this and save some money. :)

Counting Peanuts

Here it is. Enjoy!
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