Penguin Counting Mats
Well, we have a new addition to our family! Ethan Matthew. He was born on October 17th, 2011 at 7:55pm. He weighed 5 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long. He is our pride and joy. Since I am on maternity leave until Nov. 28th I have made some things to do with my little ones that will be good for winter and the holidays.

Ordering Reindeer

I did get this idea from another blog, which I do not know right off hand but will find out.

Where is the Snowflake
Penguin Fish Counting
The counting mats are inspired from
My little ones need lots of practice with positional words!
I will upload a picture of the penguins we create once we do this activity, but this goes at the bottom of the penguins. The kids create their own penguin, pull out a number card and put that many fish stickers on their penguin.

Holiday AB Patterns
Complete the ab pattern.

Where's the Marshmallow

A number game.

Color Snowflakes

Feed the Penguin
Brown Reindeer Brown Reindeer
Where's the Marshmallow ABC
This is all for now but there is more to come. Enjoy! :)
My nesting instinct must be kicking in, but rather than baking or cleaning mine is doing crafts and diving into work. I made some more winter whole group games and activities that I will post pictures of once they are all laminated and ready to go. I also made some books for the winter that I will post soon. I am going to post the shape cards I made for the Carson Dellosa Learning Pocket Cubes, which my kids and myself love! has many other cards that can be printed and used with the cubes. I have used the color ones so far this year, but intend to use the numbers and ABC ones as the year progresses. Enjoy!

Cube Shapes
With Halloween approaching and my due date (Oct. 24th) I have been having the urge to be more crafty and make things. Maybe it is my nesting instict kicking in. Well, today I created a couple of sorting mats that need to be laminated for my kids to do that are Halloween related. My little ones in the morning need lots and lots of fine motor support this year so I have been creating some fine motor games as well.
Here is one of the sorting mats. I got the foam pieces from Michaels. I bagged 3 pieces of each of the 4 pictures to be sorted into separate baggies.
Here is the second sorting mat. For my little ones I will place a piece on the mat first to assist them, but for my older preschoolers I will try to have them sort the pieces completely independently.

The fine motor game I created today was four panera bread cups I covered in scrapbook paper and cut up the large straws into smaller pieces. Children place the straws or pom-poms or other manipulative into the container. This can be made into a more challenging activity by having someone hold the cup sideways and children insert the manipulative from the side (Thanks Ms. Nancy for the suggestion!).

Early next week I will post a couple of the other fine motor activities we will be doing this week. :)
Candy Ab Pattern
We have been singing daily The Little Leaves are Falling Down. My kids love it. Each of them get two fabric leaves (got at dollar store) and we act out the leaves.

The little leaves are falling down (children float their leaves)
Round and round. (move hands in circular motion)
The little leaves are falling down (continue to float)
Falling softly to the ground. (children hold leaves up and let go).

The kids love acting out this little rhyme, especially when they get to let go of the leaves and they fall to the ground.

This week we are going to be acting out Raffi's Spider on the Floor using plastic spiders from Target. I am sure the kids will enjoy this too!
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