While cleaning the house I was about to recycle the formula container, but then realized this container would be great for sorting and fine motor practice. Since I currently only have one I thought you could cut a slit in the lid and put buttons or coins in the slit for fine motor practice. You could also add pictures for sorting coins or buttons by size. I will have to begin to collect the empty formula containers.
This year I amlooking forward to the holidays more than I have any other year because it will be Ethan's first turkey day and Christmas. I start back to work this coming Monday. I am looking forward to seeing my little ones, but will be super sad to be leaving Ethan at my parents (but at least my parents are able to watch him in December!). With the holidays approaching I have created another few whole group activities or if you children are able to work independently these activities can be used for that too.
This particular activity can be done a few different ways. The children can be given a set of numbers 1-10 and you place the fish on the penguin and the students will have to hold up the appropriate number or you can provide one student at a time with a number and they can place that many fish on the penguin. Another variation, which I will be doing with my morning class is that each child will be given one colored fish.I will call a color and the child with that particular color will come up and put the fish on the penguin.

I will be adding a couple of whole or small group snowman activities soon when I can get the pieces completed. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I have been meaning to upload this for awhile. My kids love the song Sammy so the kids know what to anticipate comes next. Have fun moving to the song Sammy.

Sam My
Today I went and visited school and I must say I am 1.not ready to go back and 2. nervous about all that I have to do- getting my room back in order, completing report cards for conferences, and getting my kids in order! Also, getting through parent teacher conferences and scheduling child studies. So much to do and will have very limited time when I return to get all of these things completed. For now I just need to remember to focus on Ethan and spending my last full week with him. Anyways, before my little one was born I had made some whole group games to be played while I was gone and for when I return.

Turkey Game. The morning kids will be asked to pick a colored feather and attach it to the turkey. I will be adding velcro to hold the feathers in place. On the back of the feathers are letters that will be done with my afternoon class. So this is very versatile.

ABC Feathers-
Colored Feathers-
I knew being a mom was going to be tough, but I definitely didn't expect it to be quite as exhausting as it is! I am slowly trying to get back to my "normal" routine- being able to run errands, keeping the house somewhat up and trying to get my own sleeping schedule back on track as I will be heading back to work in three weeks and do not want to be completely zombie like. It is definitely going to be a challenge balancing going back to work and trying to begin working out again and enjoying every second I can with Ethan! I love being home, which I was surprised about because I love being on the go 24/7, but it is fun to see how much he grows and learns on a day to day basis. Here is a picture of my little peanut!

Well, with all that said I did create a new book today to continue having my students learn their colors and numbers. I spoke to my sub last week and my morning kids still do not know any colors I guess. I am going to have to get even more creative so that they do not get bored and so that I do not get bored either. I plan on uploading a couple of other things I made before I had Ethan as well. Hopefully those will come in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

How Many Mittens
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