too much to do and too little time

Things have been super busy between Ethan beginning to teeth and no longer on a normal sleeping schedule to work having IEP's, report cards approaching, and getting a new student next week I feel like I am losing mind. Also, my laptop crashed and some of my documents were lost :( I am trying to learn how to use my husband's desktop mac, which I am not at all familiar with and it does not have any word programs or anything like that on here. This coming weekend though we hope to get the mac microsoft word program. So hopefully next weekend I will be able to post a few new things and post my pictures, which I am still attempting to figure out on this mac too. I am also beginning to look into completing my Early Childhood Masters. I am hoping to start classes up this spring-summer semester. Pure craziness trying to figure all of these things out. On a happy note though, my lil guy know how to roll over now and is a little chatterbox. He has began talking to me in the car in little goos and his favorite 'hi'. It is so much fun watching him grow up! This Friday he will be 4 months. So scary how quickly time has passed!!!
Tomorrow we are having our Valentine Day's party and I am pretty excited about! All the kids love passing out cards. They have been talking about it all week. Today during center they made their Valentine day bags and also learned some valentine words. They are given a picture of valentine related items and have to repeat the word. Then they glue the picture onto a piece of paper.
Well, I will post again soon, but I need to go take care of my little buddy. :)

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