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Our Occupational Therapist is great and has provided a lot of suggestions of how to help the students increase their fine motor skills. Here were some of her suggestions.  A lot of these activities can be done independently by the students which is nice if I have some students that finish before other students.
Here is one of my students putting pipe cleaners into an spagetti strainer.
Here is an old baby formula container and the kids put buttons into the slit. They really like the sound because of the tin at the bottom of the container.

Our Occupational Therapist attached string across and then attached a balloon for the kids to hit back and forth with their hands. The afternoon class also used a paper towel roll to hit the balloon back and forth. All of the kids enjoyed this and it is great hand eye coordination. It also helps to increase their trunk and arm strength.


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  1. I love the spaghetti strainer idea! That would be great for one of my students! Thanks :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper


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