This past week we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then made this butterfly life cycle. This came from Step into Second Grade. Ours didn't turn out quite as nice. but definitely close! :) We also made these cute bumblebees. I got this idea from Teach Preschool. Otherwise, I have been frantic trying to complete IEPs and the full brigance assessments! Next week I have three full days of IEPs so wish me luck!

This past week we have been making bugs and learning about bugs. We made a bugs in the grass scene with foam bugs and cotton ball clouds. We also have done counting bugs. I only have the morning kids. The kids cut the grass and behind each flap numbers 1-3 were labeled and they needed to place that many bugs behind the blade of grass. The afternoon did this with numbers 1-6.

We are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom since we just finished the letters. I give each of the kids a letter and when I read that letter the student with that letter comes up and puts it on the board. We also been working on counting out frogs on lily pads. There are dots for each of the frogs where the child attaches a clothespin. They love this activity and think the frogs are fun. I found the frog stickers at Michaels.

These are some of my must haves that I just cannot live without! I returned to work yesterday after spring break and let me tell you...I am overwelmed! IEPs and the MIPP IEPs (kids entering ECSE) next year. Also, having to start the full brigance assessment. We have our field trip to the farm too! So much to do this month! Well, if you want to post your classroom must-haves head over to Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten!
Spring Break has been fabulous and I am definitely sad to see it end! We had a great time down in TN going to Chattanooga and doing some sightseeing and then heading to my husband's side of the family. Ethan got to meet his Great-Great Grandma, which was lots of fun to see her and a rarity for five generations to be together all at one time! Well, tomorrow I have lots to do before heading back to work on Tuesday! I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter!

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