I know you are not suppose to post twice in one day, but I created my first teachers pay teachers packet and wanted to share it. I have been unable to find a lot of dinosaur activities so I decided to create my own. There is a lot included: Counting Mats, fine motor activities, Dinosaur, Dinosaur What Do You See book, Where is the T-rex Book, How Many Dinosaurs Book, book suggestions, and an ABC where is the raptor game. Lots of fun stuff! Make sure to check it out! :)

Dinosaur Packet
I made a dinosaur cut-out of a stegasorus. The kids can attach clothespins to them. I used cardboard and then painted them green. You can make into a game where the kids have to put certain color clothespins on or a certain number of clothespins on or just let them pin on whatever color they want.
I saw this on another blog and thought it looked like a lot of fun for the kiddos. Buy some dog bones and on the blog I saw she spray painted them white, but I had an almond color spray already so I used that. I sprayed them and then added numbers and letters to the bones. You put them in the sand table and the kids hunt them out. I made a recording sheet for the students too. This way they can collect the bones they get and then record their findings. I will have the kids use bingo markers to record their findings.
Dinosaur Dig # Dinosaur Dig ABC
This past school year I came to the realization that a lot of the materials in my classroom were no longer age appropriate for the types of students that I had coming in. At the beginning of the year my little ones didn't know how to play with the barn and farm animals or how to put a Mr. Potato Head together. They did not know how to sit or listen to a simple story. So my MAJOR goal for next year is to create as many things this summer that will be developmentally appropriate for my little ones coming in younger (2.6 years old) and with much less experience. Sadly, I will probably being seeing my son this coming school year surpass some of the kids that are going on their second year of being in my room. Anyways, in pursuit of creating more activities that are developmentally appropriate and because we have a much more limited budget this school year I have been searching in my parents basement and through my own odds and ends to create things. Also, Pinterest has been a HUGE help too with lots of great ideas. So here are a few things I have come up with during Ethan's naps. Color Sensory Bottles. I also made a corresponding worksheet that the kids can bingo stamp as they find the items.
Happy Birthday Balloon Pencils
Turkey Clothespin Game- the kids roll the color and have to put that color clothespin on the turkey. I just used 5 colors: blue, red, yellow, orange, and green for the feathers.
These are 2 visual schedules I am going to incorporate into my clasroom next year. The first one I am going to use to help my students to do each of the things we need to complete before going out to our locker. I am going to put velcro on the finished side so that the students can move the picture over once it is completed. The second is once we are at our lockers the steps that they need to do. I am going to be putting magnets on the back so that they can stick to the inside of the lockers and velcro on it so that it can be adjusted for spring (when students don't have a coat). I am going to use the locker one with multiple students. I need to still get these laminated so that I can add the velcro, but this is what it is going to look like.
I used this book with a student when I taught Kindergarten. He checked off each of the things that we did throughout the day. If he did a good job on the main category (example math) then he would earn stickers which could lead to a prize at the end of the day. The prize included a special visit to our school social worker or extra time on the computer. He enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing things checked off as he did them and it helped me to keep track of his day as each day his behavior varied. Visual Schedule Book
I am going to be teaching summer school and actually have our first staff meeting today for it. I am looking forward to working with the incoming kindergarteners. The first week we are going to be doing Pete the Cat activities and I created a couple of small activities to do. This particular Pete the Cat activity corresponds to I Love My White Shoes. Enjoy!

This file has been updated and you can find that here.


During Ethan's naps I have had the opportunity to make some of the pinterst projects and am finally going to post some pictures of what we did in our classroom that I have not had the opportunity to do. Here are pics of what I have been up to:
 In the Small, Small Pond paitning. Some of the pictures we drew and the kids got to paint.

  Spring Kites that are marble painted.

 Turtles with tissue paper shells.

 Handprint giraffes

 Wiggle Worm game (pinterest inspired). I put the "worms" in a bucket and the kids draw a worm and tell me what shape is on the bottom of the worm. At the top of the worm is a smiley face and if you got a squiggle at the bottom the class has to stand up and wiggle.

 Jellyfish made from contact paper for the top. Peel the contact paper and sprinkle some glitter. Fold in half and at the bottom add extra laminated paper.

 Penguin shape game. See below for bellies and instructions.

Penguin Match Game-print 2 Pages

 3 little pig homes.
Here are a few more things I have been working on while Ethan naps. I saw a similar playroom rules sign on etsy.com and thought it would be the cutest thing for Ethan's playroom downstairs. I also created a fall leaves book based on the poem I found on pinterest.
   I am going to use the fall leaves poem leaves and add velcro. The students will bring the leaves up as I read the poem to them.
Do You See My Apple Tree Counting Baskets
I am going to be teaching summer school in a couple of weeks so I have updated my classroom rules and weather chart because they were getting worn and discolored. I made sure to color code the rules to separate each rule. When I visited an Autism classroom last year they said having each rule be a different color helps the students to help differentiate each rule. I have included the rules and weather chart if you would like them.
Classroom Rules Weather Chart
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