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Here are 7 random facts about me!

I have ran a marathon.

I have a unique family. I am the oldest of four. My brother is mentally impaired and is the reason for me going into special ed and I have twin sisters.

I love sweets especially funfetti cookies!

I am finishing my second Masters. My first was in Learning Disabilities and I am currently completing my second Master in Early Childhood.

I love scrapbooking!

I love music! I love a little bit of everything. My favorite is  Coldplay, but also

I would love to one day travel to Europe. I have not had the opportunity to leave the states except to Canada and would love to go to Ireland, Italy, London and a list of other places to see the sights!

My Nominees Are:
Rachel at Ms Rachel's Room


The things I made last week were pretty basic, but something I think all my students will enjoy.
You can link up over at Fourth Grade Frolics

Magnetic magnets… I am going to print some magnetic pages so the kids can place the magnets there. I think they will have fun with that.

I also made There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed…I am going to use this for my little ones to continue to learn shapes and abc’s. used this for sounds but I simplified it.

I also had made some foam stamps out of bottle caps.

All three things are nice and easy, but will definitely be useful this coming school year. J

I am so glad we were able to get up north and see some friends! We definitely needed to get away and the weather was perfect. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Mackinac Island you must go! It is a fun place that can easily fill up a day. My husband and I have gone yearly forever and it is still lots of fun! Anyways, Rachelle over at Life is Sweet in Kindergarten is having the Top 5 Teacher Must Haves and here is my list.

 My kids love dancing and moving. Dr. Jean has lots of catchy tunes that my kids LOVE!
Whenever I am assessing I pull the play-doh out at my center and the kids are occupied and love to play with it. It is also great for fine motor strengthening!

I use LOTS of velcro for charts, scheudles, dots to mark where the students sit on the carpet and for loads of other things throughout the year.

I love this pencil sharpener and even bought the warranty on it. I have used the warranty too! It was definitely a great extra $5.

My kiddos love getting stickers. It is something that can be immediately rewarded for doing a good job and motivated my other little ones to try their best.

Here are the Pete the Cat pictures we made. The kids painted the shoes with watercolors. We also read a few of Laura Numeroff's books and we created a pig headband for If You Give a Pig a Pancake. We created a Mouse for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and then graphed whether our class likes or disliked chocolate chip cookies. We also read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and created some moose ears, which the kids also loved! Make sure to also check out my Pirate unit for Pre-K and K students over at Teachers Pay Teachers! A-Pirates-Life-for-Me-Pre-K-and-K-Unit


Tell me More! If you want to link up  head on over to

1.       I love the movies Little Mermaid and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2.       I LOVE running and ran in college, have ran a marathon, and many halfs. Ethan now runs with me but can only last a half hour in the jogging stroller so that is all I can get in right now.

3.       I LOVE northern Michigan! Not only did I go to school in the UP at Lake State my husband and I met there and we try to get up there at least once every summer.

4.     All of the team has stayed in contact and when we get together mostly for weddings to each other which is kind of crazy, it is one big party!
5.       I love being a mom! We will be trying to have a second next summer when I have enough sick days built up again.

I have made a lot of different things from pinterest this summer and I can’t wait to try them out in my classroom. This is my most recent:

You can get the pictures from Rowdy in Room 300. She also has lots of other fun stuff!

Rowdy in Room 300
This is the direct link to the pictures:

Weather Chart Pics You can link up at:

Monday Made It

I also made this for our laundry room. It is a work in progress. My husband is going to be redoing it reletively soon and I had to create this.
Now for the shape song posters. I saw these songs in the Kindergarten classroom I am currently using for summer school and typed them up. They are super cute!

Shape Song Posters

Lindsey over atLovin' Kindergarten nominated me for the liebster award, which was quite exciting!

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So here are people I am giving this award to.

We Are All Special!
Make sure to check them out! They all have great stuff! Photobucket
I know I shouldn't be posting twice, but I saw all these fun linky parties and decided to do some of them while Ethan is napping today. The first one is over at Kindergarten Lifestyle.
You know it's summer vacation when...

This is one is mine. We are heading up north next weekend! Yay! And I have had the opportunity to get to the beach a couple of times this summer, which is always fun.

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Guilty Pleasures:

Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea (if you haven't tried it you must!)

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I know some of these are treasuries, but they are my go to books. :)

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