This week has felt so long and it is only Tuesday. Monday we finished paperwork and today I had 11 IEPs to place students for next year. I also called all of my parents and let them know about open house and did some more laminating. This evening my husband and I made a Pete the Cat
yellow shirt to use when reading Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. It was super easy to make. We used yellow felt (2 pieces), buttons and velcro. Matt made the shirt template for me and we tried it out with paper first then. We copied the pattern on to the yellow felt and cut each piece individually. Then, I sewed (I am terrible at sewing!) the pieces together and I flipped it inside out so you wouldn't have to see the sharpie marks. We then cut the shirt up the middle. I added velcro to the back of the four buttons and then attached them. I also added a velcro button for his belly button. It turned out really well! Hopefully my kids love it too!

This is a work in progress.
This is a work in progress. This is the bottom of the gumball machine I created. I need to get extra laminating at school so I can connect it. This large bubblegum machine was inspired by Kelly in From Kindergarten with Love. She has lots of great ideas! I made paper circles and this will be another name game. I also am thinking of using lids and putting letters and numbers on them for the students to identify in small and whole group, but I am working on saving some more.

Finished product (hopefully mine will look the same in the end)!

Well, I got my tentative class list on Friday so today I spent Ethan's nap writing up my students names. Before snack everyday the students have to find their names and then they can go wash their hands for snack. I like to keep things changing so that they really are learning their names and not just memorizing the paper or the way something looks on the nametag.

The file is labelled am and pm.

3rd year student label

assessment papers in the file

iep data is all kept together

new student bags since I have quite a few openings this school year!

backpack nametags

I have a big apple tree that I will be placing the students' names on and they will find their name before snack.

locker tags

Marshmallow names. I have a fire that I put all the marshmallows around the students find their name. We use a magnetic wand as the "stick". A paperclip is on each marshmallow to make it magnetic.
When the students come in we see who is here and who is not. When their picture is shown they have to tell us their full name, address, birthday, age and phone number.
Before snack the kids love doing the "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar" song. When shown their name they sing the song and then get to go wash their hands. I finally have posted this poem. I have been meaning to do it for sometime and keep forgetting. I finally feel somewhat together for the beginning of the school.

After a very crazy week of preschool screeners and tomorrow we begin writing out the IEPs for a lot of students I have definitely been needing some therapy and here are some of the things that help me decompress!

First and foremost, Ethan. A smile from him and my day is MUCH better!

Running is my second and for a very long time the one thing that would allow me to destress!

If those two don't work then shopping is always a great way to make the day better! Especially if there is a great sale!

I can't wait to see what others do to relax and destress!

This past week I got in my classroom and was able to get the majority of it set-up so there wasn't much time for crafting and creating, but I did make this counting beads. This activity was inspired by Kara over at Spedventures. You can get the balloons 1-5
Bead Number Matching

I also finally got the tags laminated and put on the color sensory bottles. I made a worksheet that the students will mark as they find the items for each color. Make sure to glue the bottles (I almost forgot) so that the students can't open them!

I also made contact info magnets so that the parents have the phone number to transportation and to my classroom right at their fingertips. I have just collected magnets from dfferent places and got name labels and wrote the info on there. Stick the sticker on to the magnet! Super easy, but very helpful for your parents/ guardians. (sorry the pic is bad)

Lastly,  on pinterest I have seen all these cute handprint and footprint momentos/ decorations for the holidays and so I was like I need to try this with Ethan. Unfortunately, my son is way too active and trying to get him to sit in my lap and paint his hand and/ or foot is quite the task. I did make two Halloween canvases. His birthday is 2 weeks before then and I love seeing how much he has grown. We stamped his hand and foot the day we got home from the hospital, which was also a challenge since his hands were all curled up, but it fun to see the growth my little guy has made! The one hand on the left he decided he smear back and forth so it is a bit of an abstract spider.



The question is how do you plan? I feel like I am still trying to perfect that, but this is what I do.
I first create a list per month of themes I would like to do with the corresponding letter of the week, number and holidays. Then, during the summer I usually take out all of my old lesson plans and try to revamp them. Throughout the school year I make notes of what didn't work, what I would like to try, and what the kids loved. Since I have my students for 2-3 years I try to keep things different and fun, but also try to keep it consistent and repetitive because that is what my little ones LOVE! This past year I refered to pinterest for many of my arts and crafts activities. I also have some things that I didn't get to last year that I am hoping to try this year. I am especially looking forward to my monsters week because last year was the first year I was going to do that theme in October and I was out on maternity leave. I also know that the lesson plans I create will be adjusted and I leave them somewhat vague initially because I do not know what experiences my new students are coming in with. Some of my students know how to do very little life skills, let alone academic skills and some of my other students are coming in with the opposite. I also do not know how limited my students speech will be. This year I am really trying to include lots of visuals and hands-on experiences as much as possible to connect with my little ones! I will let you know how this plan goes! It is also a challenge because my students disabilities vary greatly from what they have been certified to even within what they are capable of doing. That is my biggest struggle when planning...making sure all of my students needs are met. I usually make adjustments during centers depending on the groups...I group them according to ability so that way the students can learn and help each other. I also make sure that during circle time that I give certain cards to certain activities or have them demonstrate things that I am certain they can do to build up their confidence. It is all a very fine line with them to make sure they are being challenged but not too the point of frusteration and anger because my students will shut down and it unfortunately will be for the remaining part of the day most times. Well, I hope I didn't ramble too much.

You know it's back to school when...I am heading to bed at 9pm and waking up at 5:30am. I am totally exhausted beyond belief for the first few weeks of getting back into this routine! I am looking forward to this school year and also panicked because I will be taking 2 grad classes and going to bed at 9pm may not be feasible and I need my sleep!!! We'll see how it goes! We'll see how good my time management can be!


The last two years my parents will not send their child to school and will not contact transportation or me, which is frusterating. It is especially frusterating for the busses that make sure to get to the students houses on time and then they end up waiting for five minutes and the child is not coming to school. So last year I made these contact info magnets for each of the parents. That way they don't have to frantically look for the phone numbers. They can just stick it on the fridge and refer to it quickly. I got name tag sized labels and put on the information. I have been collecting magnets from restaurants and such and put the sticker over the magnet. Super easy! Sorry the pic is so bad.

Day 2 was a success! I got my bulletin boards done and completed the laminating I wanted to get done. I also was able to get some of my apple activities out. When I go into my classroom on Wednesday I will have some extra help so I can get things copied and get my assessment files completed.

I use these picture prompts at centers so my students know what to do.

Classroom rules, behavior chart, and more picture prompts.

This is the finished starting the day poster.

picture schedule. I remove each of the pictures following it being done.
Behavior chart and classroom rules.

Calendar area. It is all accessible to the kids this year because they loved being able to point to everything when they were the special helper last year.
The months and days of the week were placed at the bottom.

Birthday bulletin board. More cupcakes will go up once I get my class list and see how many kids I have. Last year I had LOTS of January birthdays.
I am going to try using circle time prompts this year. My calendar picture went MIA though. I am on the hunt for it.

We will be making school buses with pictures of us that will go up there.

Money and opposites posters.

Shapes, colors and ABC posters.
My desk- that is for Day 3.

Pocket chart. I use shower curtain rings that were on clearance for the rings. The number chart, center chart, abc chart and whose here chart are all on there. The rack is from IKEA.
An overall view of my classroom.

I updated my IEP data collection graph. I use this to record how the students are doing on their IEP goals and when I go to plug it in to tienet it makes it super quick and easy. It also is easy to refer to when we have child study meetings and for report cards.
IEP Data Collection

I can't wait to see everyone elses rooms and the progress they are making. More pics to come following Wednesday.

Show Off Your Space Linky Party
This past week was a fun and busy week. I was happy to get back into my classroom and plan on getting into my room again today. I am jealous of the people who have a class list. I won't get one until our preschool screeners are done and IEPs. Even then it changes quite a few times before we begin school depending on bussing issues and such. You can link up here:
Monday Made It

I made an I feel and I choose box where the students can describe how they are feeling and choose what they are going to do. I think this will be a useful tool for my autistic students who get frusterated and angry. They will be given a choice to decide what they want to do. I will probably provide 2-3 choices and they will vary on the individual child. I got this idea from Conscious Discipline

The feelings and choices will be kept in baggies. I will take out the possible feelingsa nd choices for the students.

I also made this Dog to go with Dog's Colorful Day. I used my cricut Create a Critter cartidge. I have different color circles that I punched with a circle punch. During the reading of the story I intend to give each child a colored circle and have them come up and place the circle in the appropriate place.
I made this shark hoodie for my son. I got the idea from See Kate Sew. I can't sew at all and was able to do this easily. It just required thick felt cut in triangles and sewing it around the hood.

I hope to post pictures of my classroom as I get it finished and ready to go. :)
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