This past week we focused on the idea of fall and the leaves changing, which here is MI we are beginning to see!
We had the students snip paper and glue on to the trees.

The morning students glued tissue paper on to a fall leaf.

The afternoon class painted large fall leaves.

As a whole group I had the students bring up the leaves as I read the poem during circle time. It helps to enforce the colors.

The afternoon class glued square pieces of paper to make their names.

Last week the autism consultant came into my classroom to observe a student and to provide some suggestions as to help him participate more. I have first then boards, but not in colors and the autism consultant stressed the importance of the colors! Green means do and red means you are done. For this particular student we are putting what he must do before going on to the next step (that is something of his choice). We are starting small and going to work our way up this year! :)

First/ then dvd case  

I will let you know how this works. The font is by Erin over at Creating and Teaching. Next week we are going to be focusing on pumpkins. I love Octover because of all the fun themes you can do and with the anticipation of Halloween coming up. The kids get so excited which is fun to see! Have a fabulous weekend!

Teaching My 3

This past week we focused on apples, the color red, and the shape square. With my afternoon class we also began learning the alphabet with letter Aa.
We made Bingo Stamp Apple Cores, which the kids loved. The original link is :Bingo Stamp Apple Core

Last week we made a mouse from Mouse Shapes.

We also made torn paper apples.
 We used colored stickers to cover numbers 1-4.
 We made Johnny Appleseed hats.

 We painted squares.

 We also made squares using popsicle sticks and tearing pieces of paper.

This past week I somehow found the time to create a few things for my little ones. This idea was from PediaStaff. I got the bucket from the dollar tree during the summer and the toys are all McDonald's toys. All you need to do is add velcro!

 Next week we will begin talking about fall and this is the sensory bin for next week. The kids loved the school one and I hope they enjoy this one just as much!

Something else that I made this week...
Maybe some of you can provide me with some suggestions on how to organize the boardmaker pics. Some of my students need them and others don't and the students that do need different pictures, but at the same time. All my pictures are getting mixed up and misplaced. So if you have an effective way of storing them for instant use and the pictures can be changed pretty quickly I would appreciate some suggestions! This is something our Autism consultant suggested and I am going to try this coming week. My student has some behaviors that he does consistently throughout the day. He runs away from circle time or anytime he has to sit on his dot at circle and he likes to hit me or other students occassionally. Since it is primarily four behaviors and I am trying to focus on using positive words and not negative ones this is what I deviced. I used a manilla folder and cut the front into four sections. Then using blue goop stuff I put the picture there so I can pull it off and show John when needed. I am going to keep the folder on the board with a magnet because that is when I primarily need these.

Something else I added that may come in handy is first, then. John needs step by steps and the pictures for that can be found on the schedule, but this breaks that down even more simply. So I am going to use this as well and it just on the back of the manilla folder.

Any suggestions of how to organize the pics are welcomed though because as three of my students each need a different picture around the same time I end up throwing the pic or placing it somewhere and I am frantically looking for it! Help!

After a week that started off with two of my students crying the entire 2.5 hours by Friday the students were falling into the routine and there were no more tears. :) Yay! Monday I was a little worried. Also, my student in the afternoon that use to fall to the ground and would yell "stay" has been willing to walk witht he tiny schoolbus down the hall. Thank goodness as he was getting quite heavy! Anyway, this past week we did Bingo Art names and painted circles with toilet paper rolls. We also finished our birthday crowns. We also did Look and See Shapes book and My Apple Tree book, which the kids love to sing! We also put magnetic pom-poms on shape mats.


We also put porcupine balls into whip cream containers and played with the school sensory bin. We recored what we found. The bus was definitely the favorite item to find! We had a busy week and all of my little ones are slowly getting into the routine of school. The tears were less by the end of the week and they were beginning to follow the routine! Happy Friday! :)

Yesterday was the first day for my students. The first three days were Open Houses and I must admit that I was VERY anxious and nervous about the kids I was getting this year. When they came in for the open houses with their parents five kids tried to escape the room and they are super fast! I also had a student dump out two of the puzzle containers and another little guy was jumping off the counters, spraying water from the sink everywhere and opening and slamming the bathroom door repeatedly. The scary part was that all the parents were oblivious about what these kids were doing. That was the most frusterating part. However, after all the worry and concern both the am and pm classes had really great days! In my morning class I had two students that cried the whole 2.5 hours, but that is expected as it is the first time for them on the bus, in school, and away from their parents with people they don't know. The afternoon class also went much smoother than expected. I had a couple small freak outs, but bubble wrap calmed the one little boy and a baby doll calmed another. So hopefully next week will go smoother and I am sure it will go well! I also will be investing in some teethers this year! One of the little girls bit through my name badge so a teether will probably benefit her.

The first day I have the students identify if they can some school words and/ or repeat the words if possble. The afternoon class is also expected to cut and glue them if he can. This is a quick and easy way for me to assess some skills that the students have or are still able to do since last year.

Ethan's birthday is coming up next month and I have began to do some planning as my time will be much more limited. So here are two of the things Ethan and I have worked on. You can link up here

Banner for Ethan's first Birthday. I used the Boys Will be Boys cartidge for the Cricut. I am finally get acclimated to my Cricut and I am loving it!

Also, I wanted to try the handprint ornament to use as gifts for family members. He is such a challenge when it comes to doing this because he always is squirming and wanting to grab at the object and everything around it, but it turned out decently. I used Crayola washable paint. I wanted to make sure the paint would work well on the ornament and it did.

Target Finds. I am going to use the different size pom poms for size sorting. Stickers you can always use and the foam stickers I am thinking of doing some counting activities and/ or color sorting.

Ethan gardening and showing his Uof M spirit! Go Blue! :)

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