I made some monster number cards for my little ones to use this week. I am sure they will love the monsters and we are continuing to practice counting to 10 and counting out objects. You can grab them over at my tpt store.  Enjoy!

Monster Number Matching Cards

Masha over at A Differentiated Kindergarten shared the challenges of balancing being Super Mom and Super Teacher. It is definitely a challenge to strike the right balance! After talking to my sister, she says "I don't know how you do it" and when I look back I use to say that all the time to some of my parents who were single parents or who were taking on many little ones. It is amazing that once you become a working mom how quickly you adjust though. Your priorities change slightly because now you have another life, but you just do it! It is challenging and definitely overwhelming, but I think you learn how to prioritize and manage your time (down to the minute sometimes) just that much better and you learn to let the little things roll off your shoulders, that at one time may have  continued to bother you. One of my biggest challenges and something I have definitely gotten better about it is leaving work problems at work and not bringing them home. I use to let work issues eat me up, but over the last year especially I have learned to just let it go and it will get resolved. It isn't that I don't care, but I have just come to the realization I can't fix it at home and so until I can make a change then I just need to savor and enjoy every second with my little guy! To all the working moms out there I don't know how you do it! I love how Marsha shared how she helps maximize her time (muffin tray dinners! Love it!) so that she has time to get everything done and make the most of being with her little boys! I love reading mom's tips and tricks to help make things a little easier on them and can definitely learn from them. Well, Ethan is up from his nap. :) Have a wonderful weekend! :)
After a somewhat crazy week (Ethan is getting his back molars and has been running a fever off and on) and just crazy at school too (the full moon is definitely effecting my students and parents!), I am ready for the weekend! This week we just focused on Halloween and reviewed songs that we have been practicing the last couple of weeks. A lot of the students are singing along now which is fun to hear and see them act out the actions. Here are some of the things we did.
We made ghosts.
On Wednesday, we had the local fire department visit and they showed the equipment they use to the students and the kids got to go on the fire truck.

Tissue paper mummies.

Marshmallow mummies.

The students used spray bottles filled with paint to fill in stencils.

This was done last week, but I forgot to take a picture. Here is our Go Away Green Monster.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Here is the sub schedule I was talking about. The picture of circle time is on the main schedule and then I move the picture (of circle time) over to here and each of the things done in circle are removed as we do it. I hope this clarifies that!

Well, our ASD consultant came in on Monday and gave me some suggestions to help one of my students that is ASD. She suggested that I make a vertical schedule and stress the all done part so that my students with ASD knows that we are moving on to the next activity. She also suggested and I will try to get a picture of this, a sub schedule for circle time. When I show the circle time picture (the second one) move it to the sub schedule and then move the main picture to the all done side once circle time is completed. So I will be trying this schedule and hopefully it will help all the students!

Our Occupational Therapist is great and has provided a lot of suggestions of how to help the students increase their fine motor skills. Here were some of her suggestions.  A lot of these activities can be done independently by the students which is nice if I have some students that finish before other students.
Here is one of my students putting pipe cleaners into an spagetti strainer.
Here is an old baby formula container and the kids put buttons into the slit. They really like the sound because of the tin at the bottom of the container.

Our Occupational Therapist attached string across and then attached a balloon for the kids to hit back and forth with their hands. The afternoon class also used a paper towel roll to hit the balloon back and forth. All of the kids enjoyed this and it is great hand eye coordination. It also helps to increase their trunk and arm strength.

This past week was a lot of fun as we learned about monsters and made monsters. We read some reallt fun books too!

Go Away Big Green Monster
We made shape monsters.

This is a pic from last week of our spider hats.

Blowing paint to make our monsters.
We practiced printing numbers 1-20.

My kids have loved the Halloween sensory bin and have enjoyed exploring in it. Some of my students with autism have loved the beans on their hands when they are running their hands back and forth in the bin.

We used different lids to make white circles.
Yesterday we made the green monster from Go Away Big Green Monster. I will make sure to post them as they were super cute! Lots of fun this week! Today is Ethan's birthday party so I am off to get ready for that. It should be a lot of fun!

 Today when I was checking out some blogs, The Puzzling World of Autism, had shared my blog and here are my nominations. :)
Here are the rules:

Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad is hosting this BOO'D linky. 

1. Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers.
2. A blogger that has about the SAME number of followers .
3. Someone that has LESS followers.
4. Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out.
5. Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them.
6. Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."
Well, I had to pick two of my favorite blogs that have more because I love all their ideas and they are also special ed blogs that I found very helpful!

Sped-Ventures Kara is also from Michigan and I have been loving her Tasty Tuesdays posts!

 I loved Amanda's Dog's Colorful Day Activities. Definitely check those out!

The same number of followers (roughly) is Special Teacher for Special Kids. She has some great teaching resources.

Special Teacher for Special Kids

Wild and Fun in PreK
Jessica has shared some fun activities done in her classroom!

Definitely check out these blogs for some great ideas and resources!

I forgot to include this fun song we did this past week. Here are the words with motions.
Bats Are Sleeping

We also sang and acted out Raffi's "Spider on the Floor" song. I gave each of the students a plastic spider (I got the spider from Target last year) and we put the spider where the song told us. Lots of fun!

Many of my little ones really struggle with fine motor skills. Here are a couple of activities to help them improve! Drawing vertically is great for strengthening their wrist to hold the writing utensil correctly. Here the students are drawing a person on a chalkboard. Also, using small pieces of crayons or chalk help the students to use their fingers rather than grasping the utensil.

Before drawing a person we practiced matman with the individual foam matmen I made.

Here the students are using the yoga ball and they pushed it back to Ms. Nancy our OT with both hands (hands opened, not fists). They also practiced sitting on their bottoms, placing their hands flat on the carpet and holding their legs up. Ms. Nancy would roll the ball to the kids and they would push it back with their legs.  

Here they rolled on to the ball and walked with their hands to get a jack-o-lantern and place it into the larger jack-o-lantern.

Our OT is awesome and has taught me a lot on how to help my kids to strengthen their core and their hands for writing and better posture.


I did a similar We're Busy in Preschool spider following reading The Very Busy Spider by: Eric Carle. It was cute to see what some of the kids favorite things about school was (playing with babies and playing in the kitchen). The picture is a little dark, but hopefully you can see it. The original idea came from: Mrs. William's Kinders

We also discussed Halloween objects. I have the students try to say the word or repeat it if they are not sure what the picture is. Then, the students glue the pictures on to the paper.

We counted out Spiders in a book created by Shannon Martin at Kindergarten Hoppenings.
We also practiced clipping on clothespins to clips. The numbers are on the back as to how many clips they need to add to the spider.

The students liked exploring the sensory bags I just made.

We painted white circles black and cut out the wings to create these cute bats.

Halloween sensory bin.

Here is Ethan's Halloween costume. We were trying it on for this weekend. We are going to Metamora campground with family to just hang out and do some trick or treating around the campground. It should be fun! :) Next week we are going to be doing monster activites, which I am also really looking forward too! I missed that week last year because my little guy was born. I can't believe he turns one on Wednesday! Where does the time go?!

I finally have finished my Construction Math and Literacy Activities. It is definitely more challenging to do this when school is back in full swing! Pre-K-and K Construction Literacy and Math Activities is available for purchase on my tpt site. I lots of boys in my classes and am looking forward to using this with them in the spring. I am going to incorporate it into my transportation unit in February.

Activities included:
On the Construction Site Emergent Reader (this, is, a) p.3-7
•Fill the Dump Truck Mats p.8-11
•Fill the Truck Counting Book (#s1-10) p. 12-23
•Complete the AB and ABC Pattern Board p.24-26
•AB, ABC pattern Review and Ordinal Position p.27-28
•Construction Colors Book p. 29-37
•Matching Construction Trucks p.38
•Construction Alphabet and Number Games (7) p. 39-47
•Pom-Pom Magnet or Play-doh Mats p. 49-56
•Where is the truck? Positional Word Book p. 57-64
•Construction Song and Johnny’s Hammer Song p. 65-66

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