Monday Made It and a Freebie

I am excited to be linking up for another Monday Made It. This one is not overly crafty, but was fun to make and I think my kiddos are going to love it.

The pom-pom drop idea came from Princesses, Pies, and Preschool Pizzazz
This is what hers looked like:

This is the one I made:

I made it hangable so I can move it around my classroom more easily. I just chose four colors because it will be a beginning of the year activity for matching. This summer Ethan will get to play with it and practice matching. This is great for building up fine motor strength too. I have these great gator grabbers that are perfect for little ones hands that I intend on using with them. You can get them here

<br><i>Give little fingers a workout! Sized to develop fine motor skills in even smaller hands.</i><br>

Another thing I made awhile ago, but never got to share is this LOVE canvas made with Ethan's hand and footprints. I love hand and footprint crafts! They are adorable.

I also made this for our spare bedroom. I repainted it and mod podged some wooden frames from Michaels. Then I made some paper flowers and put a button in the middle of the flower. Super easy and turned out cute.

What have you been making? Make sure to link up!

Now for a freebie. :) You can get it at my tpt store or

Happy Monday! I am especially excited because this was my last Monday of the school year!


  1. Love the pom pom drop idea- my students would love it! Thanks also for the freebie!

    ~Diving Into Learning

  2. The pom, pom drop is such a GREAT idea, thanks for sharing! I will be making one for my classroom. My teammates will love this!!!


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