Five for Fraturday (non-teaching related)


Well, Thanksgiving Dinner #2 was a success! I did venture out on Black Friday to get my new car (Yay!) and to Target and Old Navy. Target wasn't terrible and I did get a few good deals, but Old Navy's line was way longer than Ethan or I were going to be willing to wait in so that didn't happen.

1. Here's my new car! With a second baby on a way what I had before wasn't going to be able to fit two carseats so I had to upgrade.

2. We cut down our tree today. We have been going to cut down our tree for the past four years. It is always a lot of fun! Ethan loved running through the trees.

3. Ethan got to see Santa. He didn't cry this year so that was good! :)

4. After Ethan gets up from his nap we are going to decorate it. The lights are on and all ready to go.
5. If you haven't heard there is a huge sale that will be taking place on Monday and Tuesday.
You can check out my store here.
The image is from Jen Jones at Hello Literacy
Enjoy the rest of your break and Go Blue!


  1. Your car looks wonderful! That Ethan is adorable and he should love Christmas this year! Have fun!

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to it this year as he is a lot more aware of the tree (some of his cars were diving off of the tree branches) and Santa.


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