I know I am not supposed to post twice in one day, but I forgot all about Currently. Anyways, I'm...
Listening- to football
Loving-that Thanksgiving break was relaxing and I had the opportunity to hang out with friends and family.
Thinking- about conferences. We have them on Wednesday and Thursday and I have a few that I am particularly concerned about. Many times though the ones I am most worried about turn out just fine so let's hope that's true.
Wanting- Friday to be here because I have it off and we have a fun weekend lined up!
Needing- a day to go shopping without having to bring Ethan. He has gotten A LOT better about going shopping, but it still is challenging sometimes to get everything.
Favorite Tradition- I have many, but I love cutting down the tree. We go out to a tree farm about an hour away and cut it down ourselves. Matt and I have been doing this since we got married and I look forward to it every year.

Happy December!


  1. Can't wait to check out your TPT store.

  2. We had conferences mid November. We went to student led conferences at my grade level (my idea), and loved it. What a special tradition of selecting your own tree. We always have artificial because of of trips during vacation. Maybe hubby will consider a real tree this year that we cut.

  3. Wow you cut down your own tree...love that! I just go to Home Depot... not nearly as special! Good luck with your conferences... I am sure they will be fine!

    Crayons and Whimsy


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