I found this a while back, but have not had the opportunity to make it, but on our snow day on Monday I finally got around to it! :) I found the idea on Dr. Jean's site and you can find the post here.
I just used a beanie baby and attached a round magnet that I had from a previous project onto the dog's nose.

This is how the game works. Put magnets on the back of the dog house or put on poster board and laminate. Place all the letters in the dog’s house. (use magnetic letters or attach a paper clip to each card provided). Then using the dog provided attach a magnet to the dog’s nose or to a stuffed animal dog’s nose. Have the students find the letters, numbers, colors or shapes. Students identify and then put it in the dog’s dish. I am looking forward to doing this with my kiddos next week.
Who Let the Dog Out?

When I woke up this morning our district still hadn't called for a snow day and let me tell you I was quite bummed. I got Ethan up and ready and finally after about 30 minutes it was posted on Fox 2 and then about 20 minutes after that the phone call finally came. Better late than never.

Anyways, I don't know about you, but I always find that I spend A LOT of time on literacy activities and many times math activities get forgotten about. It is challenging to fit in a lot when I only have my kiddos for 2.5 hours a day and only one of my students has math as an IEP goal. I want to do so much and never get through it all. Circle time is when I do the most of our math activities: calendar, counting, shapes, colors, etc. I have been trying to incorporate more math into my language center and created these number printing sheets. I also have created some Valentine Math Freeibies to do with my kiddos this coming month.  My afternoon class are ready for printing and it will definitely help them in kindergarten and on the brigance assessment I have to give them coming up at the end of the year. You can purchase the number pages here

Here is a preview of one of the number pages.

Now for some Valetine math freebies. You can get them here If you have a snow day enjoy it and if not I hope you have a great Monday!

My students loved playing the catch a snowflake game and a lot of them still need practice counting out objects or identifying the numerals so I made one similar for more practice. You can get it on my tpt site or from Scribd. I like how I can use it for both my morning class and afternoon class, but just adjust the skill that we are working on. I hope you enjoy it and are staying warm! It is freezing here and I am already longing for spring! Enjoy!

This past week was a short one with the kids, but very busy between meetings with our IEP goals and objectives changing to my aid being out, and possibly getting another new student.
Five fun things this week were our cute tear apart penguins we made.

1.They were a 2 day process for many and even a 3-day process for a couple, but they turned out so cute!

2. We did ice skating through corn syrup with our OT again this year. I think this is one of my favorite activities she does with the kids! A few of the students surprised me and even tried it! Yay!

3. We got out the big blocks and had lots of building fun!

4. My Ethan I guess had a virus and I never knew! He had a little rash on his belly right before he was suppose to get his shots and the dr. was like oh he's no longer contagious, but he did have a virus. He never ran a fever and was fussy during the night, but that's how he is the majority of the time so I felt terrible though because I didn't know.

5. Matt and I went to see Flogging Molly! Always a fun concert! They are very high energy and put on a great show!

You can link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching

Just as Sasha over at The Autism Helper said, flexibility is key! My para-pro was unable to come into work this whole week so materials for the fine motor center were not together and I have been winging it. Fortunately,the sub has been fabulous and not afraid to get down on the floor with the kids. So this week we are continuing to talk about winter and penguins. The last two days (Monday we had PD) we have been making torn paper penguins. I will get a picture of those tomorrow. The afternoon class finished their Tacky the Penguins. We also have been doing some matching mittens, which was much more challenging for my morning class than I anticipated.  Happy Wednesday!

You can find this Opposite Matching here.
Mitten Opposite Matching Freebie

Well, I have a plan and hope to put it into effect this coming Friday since we have a workday. I want to go through each of the cabinets and drawers and purge things I no longer use and sort some of the stuff better. Such as putting all the puzzles in cabinets directly next to each other. Once some of the items are purged I should be able to fit some of the things sitting on top of other big cabinets in there! Yay! I love organizing, but time is the biggest thing! So hopefully all of my things will be a little bit more organized following Friday. I also plan on condensing some of my file folder games into the files in my file cabinet because then I won't forget about them, which I do all the time. More items will probably be used this way. I was able to take all of the paper sitting on top of my file cabinet and brought them home and am in the process of sorting them. Some things I will be needing to laminate soon for use and other things I have put stickies on with the month I plan on using them. You can link up here or just check out some great planning strategies there too! Happy Organizing!

Since starting classes I again have very limited time and I am so thankful for the Five for Friday because it is a great way to quickly recap my week. So here are a few things we did. You can link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching

1.) One of my kid's parents from a couple of years ago is a firefighter and came in to show the kids how she puts on her equipment. She talked about what she does and had the kids sort toys vs. tools. They all seemed t enjoy it!

2. )The afternoon class used shaving cream and the morning class used cotton.
3.) We read The Mitten by Jan Brett two times and then the morning class colored, cut out the animals, and pasted them onto the mitten. The afternoon class laced a mitten for the animals to go inside. I will try to get a picture of that this week.
4.) We also played Snowflake Catch. The students rolled the die and then counted the dots and stamped the number. With the morning class I had the students pick a card with the numeral 1-6 on it and they had to match the actual numerals. This was quite a challenge for many of them, but it was good practice.
5.) I also have been working on decluttering my room and started with the top of the file cabinet. I took the papers all home and am in the process of sorting them and then put a to copy bin and to laminate bin. The globe I have moved to a different location so it wasn't taking up so much space. It makes me feel better not just having a whole pile of stuff there. :) Have a great weekend!


Well, our building has some bond money left and we  have to choose between a smart board or i-pads for the class. Which would you prefer or do you have and like better? I currently have some students that are about 18 months developmentally and was not sure if there were activities/games available on the Smart board for them. I looked at Lakeshore and didn't find much that I feel they would be able to do, but maybe I am just not aware of some other great Smart board games. Also, how durable is the Smart board. Sometimes I do have students throwing items and they can be rough on different things. Would a Smart board or i-pad be more durable.  So I need some help. I am looking forward to the feedback.
First, I just have to say only in Michigan do you have 60 and sunny and the next day you are back to winter like weather (cloudy and 40)! Ethan and I made sure to enjoy the beautiful weather though and took a walk and went to the park, which was packed.

Anyways, this is something I have been meaning to post about and keep forgetting too. I have a wide range of students! Some students are completely nonverbal or have a very limited vocabulary and then I have the other extreme that are able to read a simple book. Instead of making multiple different activities I use emergent readers a lot at my language center to meet all there needs.

Here is how:
Have your students attempt to repeat the picture or phrase.

Have students repeat the sentence and if possible read the sentence to you.

Have students find sight words.

By using jus this one book (from Hubbard's Cupboard) I am able to meet all of student's needs! I have previously shared this IEP data collection sheet I keep, but I will share it again. This is where their speech and language goals are kept so I know what type of instruction they need. 

If you have any great teaching tips for special needs students share at The Resource Room Teacher

I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday!

My classroom has been a work in progress for the last two and a half years. The teacher before me kept EVERYTHING! There were Weekly Readers (never given to the students!) from the 80s, food dated from when I was in high school, loads of paper turning brown and lots of other things. The first day I walked in the room I remember having to walk right back out because I needed a plan to tackle everything. So I did an initial huge purge and now I am tryin to begin to go through everything again and get rid of things I know I just will never use and there are still a few cabinets and drawers I never fully tackled. That is my goal for the next few weeks to tackle those cabinets and drawers.

You can link up here at Clutter Free Classroom

Clutter-Free Classroom

My assessment cabinet. Definitely needs to be organized and some of these assessments we don't even use.
The top of my file cabinet or my "to laminate and do" pile. The drawes (there are 5) that contain holiday/ monthly oriented items some that I don't even use.

One of my other cabinets that has this and that. I just need to organize all of these better and put items that belong together, together.
An overview of my classroom. The outside looks organized, but the cabinets and drawes not so much! I did organize the big cabinets at the left last year by subject, which has been VERY helpful!

On my full day record's day I am hoping to tackle the cabinets for sure and possibly some of the drawers.

I am linking up again with Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching. This will be the perfect way to recap my week.

 We started talking about winter and made some tissue paper mittens.
We also made some walruses. The morning class colored them and the afternoon class painted them.
I got some of my Valentines started. You can get the mason jar here
I want to make some dipped marshmallows I saw on pinterest too as a gift this year.
We practiced counting out small snowflakes.
The kids loved the winter sensory bin. It includes small styrofoam balls, snowflake confetti, white cotton padding, mittens, gloves, hat, scarfs, small penguins and snowmen.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Has anyone else felt like this week has been VERY long? Needless to say this week has been a long and crazy week! Monday we had hearing and vision which just adds challenges to the day especially since the kids had been off for two weeks. I also had a new student start on Monday and I had two classes Monday nights. Tuesday I had a student abruptly move. The mom called and said "we've moved to...". He had just been there on Monday and the request for records came in on Tuesday too so she must have known for some time, but didn't care to share. This morning I had a 2.5 hour IEP to transition a student into the ASD program. I have another new little one starting next week too! So lots of craziness and the week isn't over yet. Anyways, over break I was able to do some crafting and here are some things I made.
If you had the time to do some fun crafts and want to share link up at Fourth Grade Frolics

I have been meaning to make a prize box and finally got around to making one. Not one of my best creations, but it will be a work in progress. I sprayed a box and wrote prize box. I used my new Cricut cartridge, Campin' Critters to make the owl and beaver. I also added a phrase at the bottom "Look Who's Working Hard!"
I made this cute snowman with an extra pot that I painted white. Just add ribbon and some pom-poms. This is something that would be cute to do with the kids too.
I made this frame for our spare bedroom using masking tape and paint.
I hope everyone has a fun Friday! I will try to post some of what we did this past week tomorrow.
Well, it is my last day of break! I am definitely missing my kiddos, but I am not looking forward to not being with my Ethan all day. I also start my last two grad classes tomorrow! Yay! I am looking forward to being down with that! Since my surgery I have not been allowed to lift and let me tell you it is quite the challenge with 15 month old. Ethan loves running around but he also loves his cuddle time when he first gets up from sleeping and such! His high chair fortunately comes apart and he has been eating on the floor and I have been eating down there with him. I think he likes it, but now he thinks everytime he goes over to the chair and sits down he gets fed.  Not being able to lift makes me a little concerned about my students as I do a lot of lifting and running around all day. I will have to be very conscious about not over doing it.
Anyways, I just loved this clip art by Sarah Cooley over at First Grader... at Last!. So I made these cute snowmen. I plan on printing them today and getting them laminated tomorrow so we can use them throughout the month of January. You can find this freebie here
If you are heading back to work like me good luck tomorrow and if you have been back I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Snowmen ABC Matching
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