My mom saved me this article from the Detroit Free Press, My Sweet Adorable Tyrant is Turning 2 and it could not have hit home more so than today. After the day I had with Ethan I am looking forward to a day full of IEPs tomorrow just so I can sit and sort of relax! Ethan refused to sit in the cart at the grocery store and instead was running up and down the aisles at full speed and I was attempting to throw what I needed into the cart while keeping up with him...needless to say I didn't get everything on the list this week! At my brother's birthday lunch he was doing laps around the table and would then run to the back door and who was following him?! Me. As soon as I got him changed out of his clothes to go into the tub...what does he do?! But open the bathroom door that I didn't completely shut and ran to the hall and peed on the floor. During the bath he decided to just splash like crazy and I think there was more water outside of the tub than in the tub by the end. He has been VERY energized today and I am just exhausted now.
While reading the article I was checking off everything that was so true of my life now...
1. No More Sleep 2. You start talking toddler lingo 3. the temper tantrums have begun! 4. not being on time for anything 5. shopping is like the daytona 500 6. refusing to eat things that he use to love. 7. you do crazy things to keep them entertained. 8 and 9. Your child's successes and failures become your own 10. As he grows older he is no longer the baby that I still consider him to be.

All of these are my life right now to a tee! It is nice to know I am not alone in feeling the exhaustion, craziness, and endless amount of love I have for my little guy. I sometimes take for granted all of his cuddles and I definitely need to remember to savor every moment because pretty soon he will be a little boy and not my baby anymore. Enjoy every moment and definitely read My Sweet Adorable Tyrant is Turning 2 it will put a smile on your face! :)

This upcoming week we are going to continue to talk about farm animals. This past week we made some really cute farm animals.
We made some sheep. The afternoon class made these.

We made some chicks...I loved the eyes on this one!

We also fed the horse some apples. The students used their fingerprint to be the "apples" and had to count out the apples.

I got these fine motor activities from Lakeshore. The kids use a scoop or tweezers to feed the animals.

A kindergarten class made these but I just thought these cows were adorable!

I sorted out the farm animals from the zoo animals and the kids just had to match the farm animals. We will use this puzzle in a couple of weeks to match the zoo animals and farm animals. You can get this cute puzzle at Amazon

Now for a fun freebie. We are going to be doing this fun sensory activity next week. You can get it at my tpt store

 Paint a Pig FREEBIE

Make sure to check out my On the Farm Literacy and Math Activities! I have made some updates and now there are 145 pages of fun activities for the kids to do.

Have a great weekend! I think it suppose to finally beautiful out here so I can't wait!

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1. Two of my four full day of IEPs are done! They are exhausting and I am so thankful to have two days under my belt.

2. This week we talked about farms and made some of the animals you find on the farm. Here are some of our clothespin cows.

3. We made some sheep.

 4. The morning class sorted the farm animals by color. As you can see we need some practice.

5. This was my car window on Thursday. Yes...snow and ice and next week starts May! Then, by the time I got home it was sunny and 50s. Only in MI!

 You can get this shape rhyme on my tpt store here 

Mystery Shape Rhyme

Freebie Fridays

First off, today is my last class for my second Master's (Early Childhood Education)! YAY! I cannot tell you how excited I am.
Anyways, the next two weeks we are going to be learning all about farm animals and here is one of the emergent readers I will be using this week. I tend to use lots of emergent readers when I have a sub in my room and this week I have to be out twice for full day IEPs :(
I hate being out of the room, but once these are done I will be a little closer to being done with the school year. Yay!
Now for the freebie. You can get it on my tpt here or

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Happy Monday!


Topic: My Classroom

We spend so much time in our classrooms. It can be like a second home. We will get acquainted today by sharing three(3) of our favorite areas in our classrooms.


My birthday board with their homemade crowns. My kiddos love decorating their own crowns and look forward to when their birthday comes to take them off the board.

2. My moveable sensory bin. I change it out for each theme or every couple of weeks and the kids have loved investigating what is inside.

3. Student Work Sample Board. I made glitter clothespins and have been displaying my student's work. They enjoy having their work up there and it is nice for the parents to see too.

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This week we talked about dinosaurs and did some fun dinosaur activities.
1. We sorted dinosaurs by color.

2. We did a dinosaur dig. The students drew a dinosaur from the sand and then had to identify the letter and stamp it on their recording sheet.

3. We made stegasoraus.

3. These are an oldy but goody. The students match the designated dinosaurs to the mat and count them out as they do it. I got these from a retired teacher that lives down the street from my parents. The kids love them.

4. Last week we made cupcake flowers.

5. We made bubbly volcanoes. You need LOTS of baking soda, but when you mix it with food coloring and vinegar it bubbles up. The kids loved it. :)

Have a great weekend!

Some of my co-workers attended an Environmental print conference and shared some of the ideas with me. Here is one of the things that I have tried. We made a We Love Breakfast book. Here is the cover. 

Each of the students brought in picture or the box cover of what they enjoy. I added their pictures and a simple sentence. My afternoon class traced the sentence. It was surprising to me how many of my little ones don't really know what cereal they eat or what they eat for breakfast. This was a great language activity.

After we finish letter Zz next week I will be going through the environmental print posters I made and we can talk about the items and add to the posters. I am curious to see what pictures my students know and don't know.

On a totally different note...our plants are growing! Whew! I was getting worried. All of them are growing except two, but I made sure to plant a couple more seeds in those and now they are sprouting too! My kiddos get to take the plants home tomorrow, which they are VERY excited about!

I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow! Yay for TGIF!

Hopefully when I return to work on Monday I will see some of the plants starting to sprout up. We planted some sunflowers and marigolds. The kids got the choice. (Yes there is some snow on the ground here in MI :( and it's April! Ugh!)

Here we are sorting out worms by size (big, medium, little) challenging for some of my kids. You can get the sorting sheet here at the worm sorting post I shared last week.
For next week we are going to build a flower as a group. My morning class will match the pieces. (There are 12-one for each of my kiddos) and the afternoon will build it by themselves on the back. It will help me to see what plant parts the kids know and don't know.  

Here we are sorting what things we need to plant a flower and don't need. You can get that here in my In the Garden Packet.

Happy Saturday!

1. We began discussing flowers this week and planted some seeds. Nothing is coming up yet, which makes me nervous. Here in MI we haven't had any sun all week though.

2. We made these pretty flowers.

3. Using toilet paper rolls cut out in different ways we made some more flowers.

4. One of our parents had chicks she was raising and she came in and shared them with us. A lot of the kids went up and readily touched them, which shocked me!

5. Our spring sensory bin. Shovels, sand, flowers, and a couple of pretend ladybugs and butterflies. The kids loved this one!

Now for some Friday Freebies! :) 

Check out Kindergarten Works for a 2013-2014.  If you are like me I am already making some notes of things I would like to do for next year and this will make that planning much easier.

You can also download Butterfly Number Clips here on tpt 

Freebie Fridays

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