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Only 3-1/2 more days and then I will be on summer vacation! Yay! I know the kids are just as ready too as they are very unfocused and antsy. Here are some highlights from this week.

1. Last week the afternoon class made monkey puppets.

2. The am and pm class made these cute turtles...I love the face on this one.

3. Using contact paper, extra lamination, and glitter we made transparent jellyfish.

4. We played a popcorn letter and number game. The kids draw a popcorn out of the bucket and identify it. I also had them tell me if it is a letter or number (quite challenging for many of them) and then they put it in their bag.

5. Tomorrow I am going to be running a 5k that I haven't done the last couple of years. I am looking forward to it and am curious to see what kind of shape I am really in.

Finding Joy in 6th Grade is hosting this linky and I love the idea of reflecting on the improvements you want to make for the upcoming school year. I have been thinking about it and making a summer to do list of the things I would like to include or change. Here are the main ones.

My kiddos need to work on waiting their turn and sharing. What a better way than playing a game! My afternoon class I have a lot of great games that I have made and bought, but the morning class because some of their ability levels are so low are going to be a bit more of a challenge, but I am going to try making some off ideas from pinterest and just think of ways to simplify the games I have.

One of my co-workers incorporated this idea and I definitely want to incorporate this in a couple of ways. I have weekly boardmaker vocab words for each theme, but once Monday is done they are not specifically focused on again. So next year I want to put them in my Carson Dellosa dice and have students identify one of the pictures before they say their name (the morning class rolls a dice to eachother and who ever has the die is the only one allowed to talk). At the end of the week I will be able to put them up on the picture/ word wall and it can be referred to or activities can be done with it all year long!
It's a mess! I need to get tabs and separate the morning and afternoon class and circle time vs centers for each.

At the end of this year there was some extra stresses that I was  letting get to me and I was feeling VERY stressed out and focusing more on the negative than the positive. Next year, I need to focus more on the positive and just have fun. I love my kiddos and they feed off of your energy so it needs to stay positive and fun!
What changes are you going to make for the upcoming school year?

Well, this past weekend has been relaxing and fun. We went to the Toledo Zoo and to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum. If you ever get the chance I recommend both and they are both super kid-friendly. On Saturday, I was excited to get my diploma in the mail! Yay! I also found out on Friday that I was nominated for being an outstanding teacher in Early Childhood education in our district. It was a nice surprise and very humbling!

I also had the opportunity to finish spending some of my budget that is left this year. I bought these fun Alphabet Sound cards. Many of my students have a limited vocabulary so as we learn the letter of the week I want to review these daily and can talk about each of them. I love that they are all real photographs. I got some more washable ink pads, some colorful bug manipulatives, and not pictured are some star builders that are being ordered and sent to the store. The bug manipulatives are intended to be used with these cute bug sorting mats from prekinders.com. You can get the mats here

Now for a freebie. I love ice cream and we will be having ice cream sundaes for our end of the year party. You can get this emergent reader here at my tpt store

  Colorful Ice Cream Emergent Reader Freebie
Happy Memorial Day!

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Only 7-1/2 more days of school! I am definitely looking forward to break! This end of the year has been a stressful one and I am looking forward to some downtime. This week was only a four day week, which was nice. Here are a few things we did.

1. We made Tigers. The PM class painted their tigers.

The AM class made these tigers.

2. We practiced writing numerals 1-20 with q-tips.


3. With the morning class we practiced counting 1-3 with this fun strawberry game from Lakeshore.

4. This is the summer sensory bin. There are stones, shells, and rocks.

5. I saw this fun activity outside while my kiddos were on the playground. The Kindergarten students would run to back of the blacktop and have to write a word and then run back. They get rid of some excess energy and are reinforcing sight words.

Now for a freebie. I am trying to get my kids that are moving onto Kindergarten rhyming and this is a shovel and pail matching game to help reinforce that concept. You can get it at my tpt store or


Rhyming Pails and Shovels

Freebie Fridays

I am linking up with Hadar, April and Teri to create a Summer Bucket List.
1. Organize files...

Yes, it's a HUGE mess!

2. Laminate, laminate, laminate...

I really want to purchase the Scotch laminator because I have heard such great things about it.

3. Go on a vacation! Due to Matt's job we have not been on a vacation in over a year and I am in desperate need to get away. I have a few trips planned.


Heading Up North to Alpena!

4. Making a Sub Tub

5. Making this cute little stand that can be changed for different places (grocery store, vet, etc).

6. And last but not least...as much time with my little guy as possible!

I love how in MI you can go from 50s one day to mid-80s the next. Today is going to be a warm one almost 90! With summer in the air I have a a few freebies to share that we will be doing in the upcoming weeks (only 3, 4 day weeks left!) We are going to be learning about ocean animals and celebrating summertime!

Students will count scoops of ice cream and write or trace the number. Wherever, your kiddos are at.

You can get the How Many Scoops of Ice Cream Freebie at my tpt store

We are going to begin learning about ocean animals next week and doing an ocean vs. animal sort.

You can get this here

 Ocean vs. Zoo Animal Sort

I will be posting some more freebies in the upcoming weeks as I seem to have lots of summertime ones! :) Happy Monday!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. This past week we began talking about zoo animals. We made giraffes...

Some zebras...

and some flamingos.

This is one of the kindergarten teachers 3-D Shapes projects. I thought it was really cute and a good visual for these shapes.

5. We also played Alphabet soup and picked out letters and traced them on the recording sheet.

We made some glow in dark fireflies. The afternoon class made the fireflies in a jar and the morning class made the large fireflies. You can get the glow-in the dark paint at Michaels.

We also played Wind Up Bug Toy Game. I practiced colors with the morning class and the afternoon class we worked on -ing endings. You can get the wind-up toys at Target in the birthday area. I also got the trays at Target.The students wind up the bugs, watch him spin and go crazy and then whatever color or skill you are working on the child identifies. The kids had a blast with it!

 Have a great Wednesday and GO WINGS!
Last week we finished up letter of the week and so we read Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom. The kids love knowing they have gone from A to Z and reading Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom. I made a tree that goes up on the board and the students each get a magnetic letter that they have to bring up when their letter is read. We also made hats and tree. We just used a paper towel roll, green construction paper leaves and foam sticky letters. The kids loved making these!
This past week we learned about bugs. We cut out grass and I had the students put numbers 1-4 on the grass strips. Then, they had to count out that many bugs to put behind the grass.

We also made some bumble bees. You can see some more fun bug activities we did this past week on my Five for Friday post.

Next week we will be learning all about zoo animals. Have a great weekend!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a few fun things we did this week.

We learned about bugs. I got this fun counting out ants instant learning center from Lakeshore. You can get it here. The kids loved it and the ants look real!

2. We made a life cycle of a butterfly.

3. I pulled out my counting out frog lily pads. It is great for fine motor too!

4. We made cloud dough. I used vegetable oil instead of baby oil and it seemed to work well. The kids loved it!

5. The morning class made these handprints and pinched paper to put around the heart (another great fine motor activity).

The afternoon made clouds with flowers, bugs and cotton swabs cut off at the top.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

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