Today we celebrated Halloween with our little ones. It is our "short day" as we have Professional development and the kids are in class for a half hour less. Since some of my kiddos don't like being in their costumes and this is not their home school so parents may have to split their time between two schools if there are siblings.

Anyways, here are the activities we did. We sang some songs for our parents (spider on the floor and witch's brew).

Then, we split into centers.

We made glow in the dark lanterns. You crack the glow sticks and pour the liquid into the empty container. Add glitter and seal (I used hot glue on the lids to make sure my little ones wouldn't open it).

Shake it and it glows!

We decorated them with stickers and added a pipe cleaner handle.


We made spider donuts (circle donut, legs made out of pretzels, frosting and candy corn eyes).

We also played with play-doh for the first time this year. The kids were super excited!
It was a fun day, but now I am exhausted and headed off to bed! Have a Happy Halloween!

I thought my energy levels were starting to finally get back to normal and then Friday rolled around and I am wiped out! Matt started his job this past week, which I think is part of my exhaustion as I get Ethan up and ready for the day and take him to and from daycare and such. Hopefully, once I hit 12 weeks (I'm 10.5 weeks right now) my energy levels will start to go back to normal!
Anyways, over the past couple of years I have made a lot of fine motor tubs. I love these things and the kids do too! Another perk is they are easy to make and the cheap!

I used Cool Whip containers and got the pom-poms in the dollar spot at Target.

I used small sample baby formula containers for these and the buttons I had in the classroom. I just cut a slit and the kids put them in.

This is another cool whip container and just regular pom-poms.
For this one I used mini koosh balls that you can get through Oriental Trading. All of these different manipulatives are great for students with sensory needs too because of the different textures.

This is large sour cream container and straws. I try to have the kids match the colors that can, but if they can't that's okay too.

This was a Pringles container and the students match large straws (from the Dollar Store) to the colors on the lid.

These are great short tasks if I need to help a student with a task (cutting, tracing, etc) and the other student may be a runner or not be able to do their work independently. It is also great if the students have finished their and have just a couple of minutes of free time.


This week we talked all about Halloween.
1. We made mummies.

2. We made Frankenstein.

3. We made Monster hands. We made a construction paper strap on the other side that lets the kids wear their monster hands. I should have taken a picture of them wearing them. The kids loved it.

4. We played Roll a Scarecrow after reading There was An Old Lady who was Not Afraid. For the morning I had them identify the piece of clothing and the afternoon they had to give me the sound it made from the story. I got the game from Kara at Sped-Ventures.

5. We made also made some witches.

Have a great weekend!

This week I got to try the bubble wrap with my kiddos. It was really challenging for them. I focused on shapes with the am and counting out 1-6 and matching the numeral with the pm.

The kids didn't understand or were not heavy enough to have to push their toes down into the bubble wrap and many of my little ones struggle with jumping so even when they did that it didn't really work. However, I did have them try to pop the bubble wrap with their hands and although it was challenging, some were able to do it. The kids also seemed to love it even though it wasn't working the way it should have. If you try it I hope it works a little easier for you and if it does let me know how you did it!

Have a great Sunday!

Here are a few activities that the kids have loved doing, but I haven't got the opportunity to share.
We built a monster. I gave the students verbal directions and tried to see if the kids could follow them to build a shape monster. It was challenging for a lot of them, but they need the practice.
We did a pom pom sort. The students used tweezers to move the pom poms to the correct color monster. You can get the color monster sorting mats from prekinders.
We also made spider hats. This is one activity I have done yearly and the kids just love making. We used cotton balls for the eyes.  

I also got the Halloween sensory bin (black beans and a variety of Halloween erasers out and the kids have loved it. We also have been singing bats are Sleeping.
Here is a copy of that here.

Last, but not least we have been acting out Raffi's Spider on the Floor song with little ring spiders. The kids LOVE this song and request it all the time! We are taking Ethan to Zoo Boo tonight, which should be a blast. The Detroit Zoo decorates some of the cages in Halloween d├ęcor and they make pumpkins into different characters. Hopefully, the rain just holds out. Have a great Saturday!


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

Well, this week has been a fun and exciting week at school and personally. This week we read and talked about monsters, which all of my little ones loved!

1. Shape and Letter Monster
Here is a picture of my shape/letter monster that we use during circle time. I give the am group shapes and the pm group letters and then we say "Shape monster, shape monster munch munch munch...How about a ____ for my lunch" and the kids put it in his mouth. They love this.

We made some letter and shape monsters.

2. We made these adorable these adorable coffee filter monsters. They colored them with markers and then we had them spritz some water on them to make the colors blend together.

3. Our OT did this fun activity with our kiddos. You have the students form newspaper into balls (great for strengthening little ones arches in their hands). Then, she had them be a bear and climb over the mountain. We sang this song with them, "A bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, a bear went over the mountain, to get to the other side".

4. So personally this week, Matt has gotten his job and will be a manager at fitness club and it starts Monday! Ethan turned 2 yesterday and on Tuesday, I finally had my first ultrasound. We are expecting our second 'lil pumpkin' this May 2014. I am 9 weeks along and that has been part of the reason why I have been so exhausted lately! The start of the school year is exhausting and add in the first trimester and I am going to bed at the same time Ethan does each night. We are super excited about all the happenings this week.

5. A little freebie for everybody. A Colorful Spiders emergent reader and it also focuses on big vs. small, which has been VERY challenging for my kiddos this year.

You can get it on tpt

Freebie Fridays

I don't know about you, but I love all of Ed Emberly's monster books. We have been reading them this week and my kids just love all the bright pictures and of course the monsters!

Today we read If You're a Monster and You Know It and acted it out. You can get the song to it here. The kids had a blast with it and I really recommend it.

We also read Go Away, Big Green Monster! this week.

We also made our own Big, Green monsters.

We also watched it being read, which my kids really enjoy watching. We also built the monster and took him apart during the story. I got those pictures to do that from Kiz Club.

Have a great Friday tomorrow and Go Tigers!

I am sure many of you have listened to and seen Have Fun Teaching letter songs and if you haven't you definitely need to check them out! I discovered them at the end of last year and I used them to review the letters with the kids and they just loved them! They are super catchy that a lot of my kids that don't even talk that often are humming the song. We are on letter Dd this week and have been listening to it. Make sure to check all of the letter songs!

Also, I am throwing 20% off sale. You can get an additional 10% off by putting in the code below. Happy Shopping and Yay TPT for reaching 100,000 followers on fb!
Happy Sunday and go Lions! The Tigers won last night, which I was thrilled about! Worth staying up for! :)
This is my first year where most of the pm group can't count to 5 or identify 1-5 so I am trying to make a big push for this right now. Here are some of the activities we have done to reinforce the early number sense concepts.

I have some of these number sheets for 1-4. The students find the number and stamp it that number's color. You can get these for 1-12.

You can grab this freebie here. 

  We also have been using pattern blocks to make numerals 1-5. You can get these pattern block number cards on Making Learning Fun

This picture is a little hard to see and I plan on doing this next week. Each of the sheets of bubble wrap have a number 1-6 on the back. Students will roll the dice, count the dots and then jump on to that number of bubble wrap. It should be a lot of fun for them to be able to hear and feel the bubble wrap pop underneath their feet.

This past week I showed the students a number and they had to put that many clips on their bat. They really enjoyed this activity and loved the bats!

I have some similar number clips for year round. There is a number on the back of the spider plate and the students count out that many clips and put them on the plate. They all really enjoyed this too!

These are just a few of the activities we are doing, but I am hoping that it will help the kiddos start to identify and count out objects 1-5. These are easily differentiated for students that are able to do this skill too because you can just change the number of what the kids are counting out or add two dice instead of just one.

Have a great Saturday! It is a beautiful day here. We are going to go get our pumpkins today, which Ethan is VERY excited about.

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