After a roller coaster of a year I very thankful this year for all the great things that have happened...Matt getting a new job that is less demanding, being pregnant with our second child, a much better school year than last, and just all the wonderful people in my life! I am also thankful for the blogging world as I have had the opportunity to meet lots of people in similar teaching positions and get great ideas from. So here is a little Holiday freebie for all my wonderful followers and blogging friends!

TPT Pattern Trees Freebie

TN Pattern Trees Freebie

Happy Thanksgiving and Go Lions!

Freebie Fridays

Well, today started my Thanksgiving break and I must say I was in need of a break! We haven't had anytime off since the start of the year and it has been a long haul. The kids are in need of a break too.

Here is what one of my kiddos brought in for show and tell. I had to laugh because the mom said it was bigger than his backpack, but I wasn't expecting this big! It's bigger than him!

 We laced canoes and added a Native American.

We played this color game. The kids roll the dice, identify the color, find the color, and then put the feather on the turkey. They loved it!

I pulled out these Melissa and Doug and Hide and Seek puzzles. The kids love them! I may need to get some more them to play with.

We also made some cornucopias.

Last Saturday we had Friendsgiving, which was a huge success! One of our friends brought her kids this year and Ethan made a new friend. They are a lot alike and loved playing together!

  I know there are a lot of dedicated Black Friday shoppers out there, but I must say I am not one of them. I'd rather pay a little more and not have to deal with the lines and stress of it all. With that said, today I hit the stores and did some shopping. I got a few things checked off the list. While at Michaels I found some fun gifts for my kiddos. I got stampers, kaledioscopes, notepads, magic wands, and wiggle eye rings. I am going to make up the goody bags today.

Also, my entire store will be 20% off and with the code CYBER it comes out to 28% off! Make sure to stock up!

I am linking up with Learning with Mrs. Leeby. Check out her blog for other teacher's throwing sales!

Last, but not least I am getting a new car! With a second one on the way my Chevy Cruze can't fit two kids in the back so I am upgrading to a Chevy Equinox. That is my black Friday shopping I guess you could say. I get to pick it up then and am eager to get it! :)

We are hosting so I have been frantically trying to get the house in order and making sure we have all the food we need! Have a safe trip if you are travelling and have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!

It's Five for Friday time!

It has been another busy week. I had MIPP IEP's (IEP's for our incoming January students), hearing and vision came to test the kiddos and I am trying to wrap up all my assessing for report cards.

We have been continuing to learn about turkeys, pilgrims, and Native Americans.

Here are a few things we did.

1-3. I got out our Thanksgiving day sensory bin. It is filled with some shredded paper, leaves, and different food for the kids to identify and sort.

We practiced matching colors. You can get this at

 This was an activity for my parents to do with the kids...decorate a turkey. I was a little disappointed as I did not get too many of them back, but the ones that come back were super cute!

Lots of hats...pilgrims and turkeys.

The kids snipped paper and glued it on to make indian corn.

4. My Donor's Choose project (an iPad for my classroom) has been funded! :) I am elated. The kids are going to love it! We currently don't have any iPads or Nooks or anything like that. We also don't have any smartboards or anything so this will be a nice addition for the classroom and I can't wait to start using it with the kids.

5. A few Holiday freebies here.

Elf Math Freebies on tpt

or here on Teacher's Notebook
Cupcake 10 Frame Counting and 1-5

or here on Teacher's Notebook.

Freebie Fridays

This weekend we are hosting Friendsgiving. About 20 of our college friends are coming over for a Thanksgiving dinner. It will be fun to see everyone since we don't get together very often with families and not being super close to each other. Let the shenanigans begin!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. This was another long week. I am in desperate need of just a little break to catch up on things at school and home. I am hoping that since I am about 13 weeks along now my energy level will increase at least a little bit too. This week we began talking about Thanksgiving, had our first disaster drill with the am class(thank goodness they did not have the alarm go off!), and had a germ stoppers presentation in the pm class.

1. These are a couple of activities from last week I didn't post. The morning class did some fall color block printing.

The pm class made alien headbands.

2. Lots of Turkey activities. We made some tissue paper turkeys on contact paper.
We discussed words associated with Thanksgiving.

We added clothespins (feathers) to the turkeys. This week we just practiced putting one color on the turkey.

We rolled balls of clay into balls to be the cherries in our cherry pie.

We made sensory turkeys (this was a 3 day project).

We made a pattern block turkey. The kids rolled the dice and added that pattern block to the turkey pattern.

4. We had a presentation about germs and how to properly wash our hands. She even had fake germs (white powder) that she put on the kids hands, had them wash their hands and then took a black light around to show how dirty their hands are. They all had to rewash their hands and she discussed the importance of washing.

 5. Last, but not least a freebie. You can get it at tpt.

Turkey, turkey What Do You See? Freebie

Freebie Fridays

Have a great weekend!

I have been meaning to post these freebies since the beginning of the school year I just didn't do it. So maybe this is something you can put away and save for next year. I already have a 2014-2015 folder on my desktop for things I would like to do, but haven't gotten to (my summer project).

Anyways, here are a few things I did do this year, but just have not posted.

I did not do this year, but my partner has and she said she really likes it because it helps to keep track of the students behavior and an easy communication with parents. However, she does find it challenging to record the students behavior by the end of the day.

I sent this out at the beginning of the year and it was very helpful to know some of the students favorite things and family members because some of my little ones I can't always understand what they are saying.

I hope you find these helpful. Better late than never! lol. Have a great week! I'm off to bed.

With November in full swing we are going to begin talking about Thanksgiving and turkeys. I made a couple of freebies for you to enjoy with your kiddos.

The first one are some fun, short turkey poems.

You can get it here at tpt or on tn.

The second is putting turkey numbers in order. My kids this year are really struggling with identifying and counting even 1-5 so I am really pushing this concept and have been creating and using lots of activities and games to reinforce this concept. You can also get this one on tpt or tn.

I hope you have a great Saturday!

This week was a weird one between having Tuesday off and then lots of meetings after school. Anyways, here are some things we did. Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This past week we learned about Space in the pm class and reviewed colors with the am class.

1. We made a space scene with glitter, star stickers, and die cut circles.

2. We made telescopes.

3. We made Earth. These are a work in progress.

4. We salt painted with the morning class.

5. We read Dog's Colorful Day. We read the book and completed the dog mats seen below. First we put the colors in order above the numbers. Then, we counted the spots. Next we  
went back through the book and placed the spots of dog and last we took the numbers off and put them in order.

One of my students with autism took the dot, matched it to the book and then placed it on the dog, which I thought was a great idea!

We also made Dog Colorful Day necklaces. We read the story and put the color beads on in the order of the story.

These ideas came from Amanda at a Special Kind of Class. Make sure to check out her blog if you haven't she has lots of great ideas!

Have a great weekend!

It is definitely hard to believe it is already November! Where does the time go?! Unfortunately I feel like November is going to fly by too with the weekends filling up and we have some special activities going on at school with the kiddos too this month.

Listening to the rain falling outside and the quiet. Ethan usually knows when I wake up and closely follows, but right now he is till asleep so I am savoring the quiet!
Loving- that it's the weekend...I thought it was Friday on Tuesday so that shows you how long the week was!
Thinking- about the baby's room. I am going to buy new carpet today because it is really nasty. For some reason when we moved in all of the other rooms were done except the one bedroom. Weird, I know. I am going to look into the closet door, molding, and new blinds too. The room was in the process of being redone, but now we don't have a choice (which I am super excited about!).
Wanting- I love Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and I heard their Winter flavors are out now...yummmm!
Needing- I am desperately needing a day to catch up on things home and work related. I am hoping with the second trimester beginning soon my energy levels will go up and I will be more eager to get things done after school. 
A Yummy pin: I literally opened up pinterest and this was there...Yummy! Tagalong cupcakes...chocolate and peanut butter is heaven! Check it out here.
Post image for Tagalong Cupcakes

Also, I am participating in a giveaway over at Polka Dot Kinders. Make sure to check it out!

Last, but not least GO BLUE! The Michigan vs. Michigan State game is today so it will be a fun day of football!

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