Number Magnet Activity and a Freebie

Well, this past weekend since it was snowing like crazy again and the roads were awful for travelling Ethan and I made some fun things for my classroom. It is fun now that he can actually do the activities that I make for my kiddos. It is also fun because some of the things that confuse him I know will definitely confuse my little ones and I can make changes to it so that doesn't happen.

One of the things we made was super easy! You need an Altoid Box and Magnetic letters or numbers. I actually used the wax numbers that I shared on Friday when making the play-doh dig containers.

I used the play-doh dig mat from Shuna at Pocket Full of Kinders. (She had lots of cute freebies!). Ethan opened the box up and matched the numbers to the mat. It amazes me how quickly he catches on to doing these activities. He doesn't really know the numbers (except 3 and 6), but he can differentiate them, which is great to see.

Non-school related, we made this Valentine Day wreath. I had the ribbon and the yarn wreath. All I had to buy was the felt hearts and Ethan helped me stick them on too. It is simple, but turned out cute.

Now for a freebie. I know it is still winter and we have not even began the month of February, but I am ready for spring and February will fly by just like January is! So here is a great activity for celebrating Dr. Seuss and learning colors.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Have a great week and stay warm!

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