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Well, the beginning of this month has been off to a rough start. There was a great deal of Count Day confusion (MI's count day was Oct. 1st) and then this past Thursday a co-worker and friend lost her 3 month old daughter. I am still in shock about this. I am not going to dive into details about it, but unfortunately this has directly impacted my family as well and it is just devastating! I cannot imagine losing my little one and it makes it that much more painful because we have been pregnant with both our kids at the same time, started working at our building at the same time, and our kids attended daycare together. My Madi is only a month and half older than her little one. 
If you would like you can donate money towards the funeral here

After Thursday I needed some more normalcy and we went Halloween camping and even though the weather was cool and rainy at times it was fun and we did get to go trick or treating. 

We went with all of our family and decorated our site with a spooky football themed decor. 

Ethan was a Ghostbuster. 

Madi was a bear. 

It was a fun weekend and hopefully this week will be a much better week than last. If you can donate it would be appreciated. There is only a day left to donate but it would be so helpful! Also, keep her family in your thoughts and prayers! 


  1. I am so sorry for your friend's loss and I certainly will say a prayer for her. When our human hearts struggle to understand, Our Lord can provide the comfort she needs.

  2. Wow, what a week! I am sorry for the loss. I am glad you got to go Halloween camping, that looks like a lot of fun.
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