A feast, arts and crafts and a giveaway

First, I wanted to share some pictures from our feast yesterday. We popped popcorn, had some cranberry relish, pumpkin muffins and vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers.

Now I am linking up with Blog Hoppin for a week of giving thanks...letter A.

I love arts and crafts! I love crafting for home and school. It is one of my ways to relieve stress. For my student it is a great way for them to practice their fine motor skills and of course create cute stuff! 

Also, on Friday make sure to stop by for this fun blog hop and giveaway!

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  1. I agree that arts and crafts are not only fun but important! I try to incorporate as much cutting and fine motor into kindergarten as possible! Plus, my kinders love creating! I am glad I found your blog in the link up! I am a special education teacher as well - although this year I am teaching a gen ed kindergarten class! Happy Thanksgiving!


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