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It was a short week in the classroom...only two days, but we were busy!

1. Obstacle Course. Our PT and OT got together and set this up for the kids. It was a lot of fun for them and easy to set up.

2. Not school related, but some of the fun things I created on our cold days. A peg board for my craft area.

Sign for Maddie's room. I am going to add a picture of her next to the word she once she is born.
3. A great task box activity that you can get from Erin at Creating and Teaching (Bear Counting Cards).

4. This activity was a lot of fun for my kiddos! They loved finding the letters and matching them up in the play-doh.


Also, I will having 20% off at my TN and TPT stores starting tomorrow through Feb. 3rd! I have a couple of new Valentine activties just posted!


Have a great weekend!

It is our fifth snow day. We have never had this many before and I am getting worried about how we'll make it up. Being in the house with Ethan for the past few days and not really going anywhere has made Ethan and me both restless. I am ready to be back at work and working with my kiddos. With so much time on my hands I have had the opportunity to work on some new stuff and get lots of things finished.

I just finished a new Easter unit.

Easter Time Activities on tpt and here on TN. Here is a preview

I also made some rhyming games. I going to be starting to introduce this concept to my pm class in the upcoming month. One of the games is

I printed the lady (there are 4- one for each season in the game), added velcro to the back of the lady and am ready to go! I had an old frosting container that I used for the container and I added a slit to the top for the card to be inserted into once a match is found.  

I also made a simple color file folder game to reinforce matching the colors and color words.

Now for a freebie....
Rhyming Socks Laundry Freebie. I made a 'washer' (tissue box, white paint, googly eyes) and cut out some socks on my cricut. Then, I added pictures of rhyming words to the back. I think I am going to use this during the spring when we read Mrs. Wishy Washy. The original idea came from

Last but not least the giveaway. You can win my new Easter Time Fun Activities, There was a Lady Who Swallowed Rhyming Game, and Build a Color Cupcake game by leaving your e-mail in the comments section. I will come back tomorrow and draw a winner. Have a great Tuesday!

Well, this past weekend since it was snowing like crazy again and the roads were awful for travelling Ethan and I made some fun things for my classroom. It is fun now that he can actually do the activities that I make for my kiddos. It is also fun because some of the things that confuse him I know will definitely confuse my little ones and I can make changes to it so that doesn't happen.

One of the things we made was super easy! You need an Altoid Box and Magnetic letters or numbers. I actually used the wax numbers that I shared on Friday when making the play-doh dig containers.

I used the play-doh dig mat from Shuna at Pocket Full of Kinders. (She had lots of cute freebies!). Ethan opened the box up and matched the numbers to the mat. It amazes me how quickly he catches on to doing these activities. He doesn't really know the numbers (except 3 and 6), but he can differentiate them, which is great to see.

Non-school related, we made this Valentine Day wreath. I had the ribbon and the yarn wreath. All I had to buy was the felt hearts and Ethan helped me stick them on too. It is simple, but turned out cute.

Have a great week and stay warm!

A little while ago I was asked how incorporate shared reading into the ECSE classroom. I thought I would post how I have done this for this year.

Morning Message. For the am class I just have the students point to the message with a pointer and I encourage my kiddos to read it. For the pm class I have began leaving blank spaces for kids to write letters.

I also have incorporated a lot more poems on chart paper. I have tried to either make them interactive (this one the kids bring up the leaves) and relate to our theme for the week/month.

We also did color poems this year.

Here is a winter poem related to The Mitten. I had the students put their name card up and then choose an animal word and then match it to the animals.

This one I will be using when we get to our farm theme in March. It incorporates rhyming and beginning sounds. I got the idea from Fabulous in First.

I typed it up here with the pictures.  

 I have a student point to the coin poems and find the coin that matches when reading the poems.

These are the main ways I incorporate shared reading into my classroom. I will be posting some of the other poems as we  do them. Stay warm! It is 20 right now, but is suppose to drop as the day goes down to 0...yuck!

This past week we continued to talk about winter animals and winter in general. We had professional development on Monday and today was a teacher work day. Let me say it was definitely a productive day, which I just love! A lot of the other schools in our area were closed for a cold day (it was -20 withe wind chill), but I must say I am glad we weren't...I'm getting scared that we will have days to make up.
You can link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Anyways, here is what we were up to this week.

1. We made some penguins.

2. We have been practicing this poem for the month of January. I finally took a picture of the words.

3. We have also been practicing this poem that goes with the mitten.

4. We made some snowmen. The kids used tweezers to pick up the small styrofoam balls and glue them around the snowman.

We made snowman faces in the morning class.

5. Last, but not least...I finally got around to some things I have been meaning to do...
started going through the tub of kitchen items to make work tasks.

And I am really excited about this one... ABC play-doh Dig.  I got the idea from Shuna at Pocket Full of Kinders and you can get a free play-doh dig mats from her (make sure to check it out!).
I found the wax letters at the bottom of a drawer in my classroom from the teacher before me.

I split the play-doh in half
And then I added the letters into the play-doh

folded it in half

Added some more letters on the top and bottom and wrapped the other half of play-doh around the playdoh and then squished it together back into the container.  

Last, but not least I did get the opportunity to make a new font. You can get that here and check out Monday's Valentine gift freebies. 

Freebie Fridays

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

I had a new student start right after break and these schedules have helped him immensely! He looks forward to snack and likes to see what he has to do to get there.
This schedule is the one he uses throughout the day. I also still use the one on the board with the class, but he needs one for himself to carry with him and to physically hold. I made this schedule on boardmaker and it was super easy to make. Both schedules have the same pictures.
This is his center schedule. There is a picture of each area that he goes too. I also make sure the visual timer travels with so he can see how much time he has at each center. I just started using this particular schedule with him to reduce his anxiety about going to the next center and it has seemed to help.
Both are easy to make and are able to be moved with the student, which is just what he needs! 
Have a great Tuesday! 

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