This week we finished up learning about transportation and community helpers.

1. We made a doctor's kit...

2. We continued to sing our transportation song (sung to Row, Row, Row Your Boat).


Freebie Fridays

3. We made airplaces and an astronaut...

The am laced planes and the pm made popsicle airplanes.
4. We played a graphing colored vehicles game and sorted out transportation manipulatives. You can get these sorting mats on tpt.

5. I have entered the third trimester. This is a terrible picture but it was the end of the day and I was exhausted on Wed. when I took it. I can't wait to meet my Maddie!

Have a great weekend and make sure to link up with Kacey.

I have been trying to go through my closets at school again because I have a lot of stuff in there, but I just have not had the opportunity to pull the stuff out. A lot of the items are great for the task boxes I have been using with my kiddos and trying to rotate every couple of weeks too.
Here is a simple one to make: A kleenex box, clothespins, and a container. The students clip the clothespins around the kleenex box and then once all the clothespins are on they remove them and put them in the container.
I found wooden screws in the closet. They are tricky for my little ones, but we will continue to practice.

Sorting coins.

I have started to compile a list of these different tasks so that I make sure to pull them out next year and use them with my kids.
This is the transportation bin I created last year. My kids LOVE digging through the beans with the different forms of transportation. I also have different road signs in there for the kids to identify and that we have talked about.
Now for a St. Patrick's day freebie. My kids love these roll and stamp counting games. Have a great Sunday!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

1. I didn't get the chance to share these cute little heart puppies we made last week. They turned out adorable!

2. This week we are learning about community helpers and transportation. We made police cars. We also have been learning about the tools that each community helper needs to do their job.

3. I have been trying to change out the materials that the kids use to match the letters. They definitely enjoy doing the abc mats with all sorts of things. Last week we used felt letters. This week we used stones with letter stickers. A Monday Made it project from the summer.

We also have been sorting out by color. The kids have enjoyed this and definitely need some continued practice with this.

4. We played this fun car game. All of my kids loved it! I wrote the letters on the road as the car mat. The student would roll a dice, move that many spaces, and then identify the letter. This could easily be done for any other skill too (shapes, number, etc.). The original idea came from Marsha at a Differentiated Kindergarten.

5. I also pulled the kids individually and had them practice fine motor writing in the sand. Another favorite by them all!

I hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to link up with Kacey!

Whenever I heart Manic Monday I always start to think of the Bangles song and then I am singing it for the rest of the day.

Anyways, today was not manic as I have off today, but the days I work usually are manic. At the doctor today I got to see my little girl again. I have to get monthly ultrasounds as I had some issues in my last pregnancy, but it is so much fun to see her moving around. She is growing great (2lbs 4 oz). Ethan enjoyed seeing his little sister too.

The next couple of weeks we are going to be learning all about community helpers and transportation. The ten frame mats I have been using with the kids have really been helpful for them in learning to count out objects. I think it is due to the fact that there is a designated space for each manipulative. I loved these cute racecars and made some ten frame counting mats for you. Enjoy!

Racecar Ten Frame Counting Mats

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Have a great Monday and hopefully it wasn't too manic!

This week was a crazy one...the full moon was definitely in full force! Here are only a few things we did.
1. We played opposite matching. This was challenging for my kiddos so we will definitely be revisiting this!

2. My afternoon class practiced tracing with this cute robot, which you can get at From the Pond.

3. We counted hearts and recorded the number.

4. We made heart prints with cookie cutters.

5. A spring measuring freebie you can get a tpt.

Freebie Fridays

Make sure to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share what you were up to this week. Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate? My husband and I are finally going to a dinner and movie...the first time in over a year. (How depressing is that?!) Whatever, you do I hope it's fun!

I am linking up with Molly from Lucky to Be in First

Lucky to Be in First
to share a few of the things I love...
Ethan and Maddie (I can't wait to meet her!).
My husband...he tolerates my OCD type A personality and can laugh at my craziness...just what I need.

This past winter since it has been so cold out crafting and creating has been keeping me somewhat sane. Although, I am still itching for some spring weather and to get outside!

I love all the great ideas you can find and things you can create.

This past winter I have been obsessed with this and it doesn't have a lot of caffeine! Just enough to kick off my morning!

Short and sweet. A few of my favorite things! What things or people, etc. are you in love with?!

Today was an exhausting day emotionally. I hate days like this because a lot of it was out of my control, but it just seems that all the hard work done has been somewhat wasted...
Anyways, tomorrow is a new day and I just need to focus on it being a short day because we have pd and Thursday is the last day of our week because we have mid winter only 2 more days this week. I can make it.

The task boxes have been working out great and a lot of the materials I already had, I just had to sort the stuff out and organize it. I have been trying to rotate my task boxes out weekly so the kids don't get bored and to work on different skills.

Here are some of them from this week and last.

Using the Play-doh dig mats from Shuna at Pocket Full of Kinders I got altoid tins and placed number magnets in them for the kids to match.
I had felt letters from a felt board that I used with the ABC play-doh mats.

I got these bear size sorting cards from Erin at Creating and Teaching. The kids sort the bear by color and size. You can get the cards here on tpt

I added rice and pattern blocks for the kids to sort. You can get the pattern black sorting card below.

We also have been screwing and unscrewing screws. There are screwdrivers for the kids to use too, but some of them are not ready for that.

Matching shape oreo cookies.
Velcro popsicle sticks to make shapes.

All of these are easy to make or may be items that you already have around your room, but also keep your little ones busy and work on literacy, math, and fine motor skills. :)
Have a great Tuesday!

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