What another crazy week...conferences, two IEPs, attempting to write up my spring IEPs for all my kiddos, and trying to get things as prepared as possible for my maternity leave (just in case I go out early). The last two weeks have been somewhat overwelming and I am in need of spring break. One more week to go though!
This past week we talked about spring and the changes in weather (that we are hoping to see soon, but haven't) and what activities we can do in the springtime.

1. We played the spin the pinwheel game. I got the pinwheels last year at Target in Dollar Spot. I put colors on one and letters on another. You can get the freebie I made to go with the pinwheels here on tpt.

2. I got this cute ten frame leaf and bug counting freebie. Great for early finishers. Unfortunately I can't find where I got the original file from... :(
3. We made kites...

bottle flowers (made from the bottom of plastic bottles)

Worm prints (made with a straw and string...see below)



4. I got out the flower sensory bin. The kids love diggin in the sand!

We have been playing with the ABC legos I shared last week and working on our fine motor skills with these fun Lakeshore Fine Motor Games.

5.  I had the sweetest compliment left from a fellow ECSE teacher, Cynthia P.

Do you know how gifted you are?! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
I have taught ECSE for over 20 years- I am currently updating my curriculum with many of your unit materials....I feel like I stumbled onto a 'gold mine' by finding your site.... Thanks for saving me hours and hours of time (that I don't have:) by creating & selling these gorgeous, research-based materials- and for providing so many freebies, too!

It really made my day and I kind of needed that today! I love creating things and know that in ECSE you do have to make a lot of adjustments because we have a wide range of abilities and needs that need to be met. That's why I began creating because I couldn't find all of the just right things for my kiddos. It makes me so happy that other teachers are able to use them too! :)

Now for a freebie.
Freebie Fridays

Ice Cream Sprinkle Counting Cards tpt

I am also having a weekend Spring Cleaning Sale. I am ready to go shopping and pick up some new goodies!
Make sure to link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching and share the fun things you did this week!

I have been thinking about little things that I have changed throughout this year that have made my life and the kids a little easier. Some of the classroom management strategies I have been doing for awhile and have found to be effective for my little ones.

1. My go to basket. This basket has weighted vest, weighted dogs, wedge seats, and fidgets that the kids may need throughout the day. Having all of these items in one place makes it easy to find and because it is right at the circle area that kids have also learned that as they need something they too can take it out of the basket.

2. Hugs and Bubbles in the hallway. I have been doing this since I taught Kindergarten and it helps the kids to be quiet and keep their hands to themselves. Students cross their arms across their body and puff out their cheeks.
3. Visual Song Storage

4. Name Cards
When I taught Kindergarten I used these cards on the word wall for the kiddos to write about their friends. However, since moving to ECSE, the purpose has changed. We use these cards to show who is here and not here and to practice their name, age, birthday, address, and phone number. Obviously, not all of the kids are going to be able to do all of these tasks so on the back of each card I write what we are practicing and this way I can remember the indvidual students information. This also is great for the sub. We do this daily during circle time.

5. This is a new idea I am hoping to make for next year:
DVD first/ then cases where you can keep the boardmaker pics in the case.
The original idea came from Teaching Special Thinkers.
Also, I am throwing a 20% off sale at tpt! Make sure to check it out!
What little classroom management ideas help make your life a little easier?

We had a busy week with some fun St. Patty's Day activities. Here are a few things we did...

We made some pots of gold.

Used some green peppers to make pepper prints.

Made these cute leprechauns.

Practiced identifying penny, nickel, and dime by rolling a coin and stamping it on the rainbow.

We made fruit loop rainbows.

Have a great Saturday!

I don't know about you, but this was one of the longest weeks ever. It was only Tuesday and I was thinking it was Friday...Yikes! However, I made it through and although I feel way behind right now in everything I am just going to try to enjoy the weekend and worry about it on Monday.

1. This past weekend Matt and I went to Stomp. It was a lot of fun and amazing what they can do! This was also probably the last date night Matt and I will be getting for awhile since Maddie is due two months from today! Yikes!

2. This is why I left my work stuff at work and will worry about it on Monday...

because if it is in my bag I will worry about, but this way I won't!

3. I made some ABC Legos. I love this idea and plan on trying it out this coming week.
The original idea came from Vanessa at Pre-K Pages. Check out her site!

4. This past week I pulled magnets and put them in beas as a sensory bin. My kids loved exploring magnetism.

5. I know this St. Patrick's Day freebie is a little late, but maybe you can save it for next year. We did it this past week.

I also have a nursery rhyme freebie we will be using during our farm unit.

TPT Little Bo Peep

Freebie Fridays

Make sure to link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching. Have a great weekend!

Doodle Bugs Teaching

Here is a peek at our week.

1. On Monday, I got to see my Maddie again. She had her arm across her face and that little blurb above her head was her foot. She is growing great, which is a relief!

 2. Our schoolwide March is Reading month is Summer/ Beach. Here are the ECSE doors.

3. We have been working on identifying and matching shapes a lot this week. We played tactile shape bingo and I got these lakeshore shape center. It is nice because there is a blank side and a matching side.

4. We have also been working on identifying numbers. We played some number bingo.

5. Although it feels like spring is never going to get here, it is just around the corner (well, I hope so!). With a snow day this past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to finsh up on some things I have been working on.

Here is a Pretty Butterfly Poem and Props.
You can get it at tpt or tn.

I also posted a free Easter themed Adapted Book. My kids are loving doing these and it really helps reinforce the skills we are learning during circle and small groups.
You can get this freebie in my tpt shop.


Freebie Fridays
Have a great weekend!

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