My co-teacher and I came up with a list of problems or behaviors that we face in our classroom and decided to come up with some very simple social stories for our little ones. You can get this freebie here. 
For this particular page Then, I can I am going to put velcro and add the next item on our schedule to there (for us it is circle time and snack).

For this page I am going to take pictures of the items that the kids can chew (fidgets, chewies, etc). 

I am going to place a picture of myself and my aid so the kids can see who can open the door. 

I think these social stories will really help out the kids. They are short and simple so that the story will keep their attention and get the message across. I hope you can use some of them!

I got these frogs from Oriental Trading and have come up with a few ways I intend on using them. 

The kids can sort them by color. 

I cut some lily pads out from construction paper and they can use these for counting. 

And I made matching frog cards. The kids will look at the pictures and match them.

I also made a What Should Froggy Wear? Adapted book to discuss the weather. This will be a great supplement to center time when the kids will get to dress Froggy in the appropriate clothes.

You can get this Adapted Book for $1 (it is being added to the Mini Adapted Book Mega Pack too!).


Have a great Tuesday!

I am trying to finish up all these activities and things that I have half done on my desktop because I know once Madi makes her appearance in 9 days (YIKES!) I won't be having time or the ambition to do that. Make sure to check back frequently this week as I am posting lots of fun stuff! So here is a fun little rhyming freebie for you all. Don't you just love Graphics from the Pond graphics! They are all absolutely adorable!

You can grab this freebie at tpt or tn

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Next year I am going to be using center rotation sticks. I used something similar for one student this year during centers and it worked great with him, so I am hoping this will work great with all my kiddos. I used paint sticks, velcro, boardmaker pics and an envelope for the all done pictures to go.

I painted each of the sticks the same color as the center and/ or table. 

Here is the red table where the kids work with me on language skills and academic skills. 

The blue table is fine motor and the yellow stick is for the social or play area. Each of the centers are lined up in the order that they will be going to that center. Unlike the one I made for the individual students I included a picture of clean-up because that time of day tends to get super crazy! However, if they see it coming and I can talk to them about it before that maybe it will reduce the anxiety of it all. 

I am not sure yet about having a group captain that would carry the stick to the next center or not...we'll see what my groups look like next year. Have a fun Saturday!

I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching. Here is what I was up to this week...not so teaching related. 

1. Madi's nursery is done except for the painting of the closet, but that should be done soon. The pictures aren't great, but you get the idea. I also found out I will be induced May 6th! Yikes...that's so soon! Only 12 more days to go!

2. Since I have had some time I have finished putting together a lot of the adapted books that I have created. My kids love these! I love them too because the kids can do them by themselves once we have read through them together a few times. These books also work on a variety of academic skills. My Mega Pack (11 books) is on sale (50% off!...only $5) for the next two days...You can get it here at tpt. 

3. Some Freebies: 

If You Give a  Moose a Muffin ABC and Ten Frame Matching. 

Freebie Fridays

5. I had the opportunity to make a couple of fonts too.


I hope everyone is having a great week!

Keep calm and craft on, beauty lovers!

Well, this past Monday I had a scare when my blood pressure sky rocketed up. I am considered high risk this pregnancy because I went into preeclampsia with Ethan and unfortunately after labor and delivery it took me two years to finally get my b.p. back to normal. During this pregnancy so far my b.p. has been great and I was all excited because I was and still am hoping not to have to get magnesium and go through the ordeal I did last labor and delivery. So on Monday I was admitted to the hospital and monitored for 24 hours. Fortunately everything got under control and Madi is doing fabulous! I am also truly thankful for the other ECSE teacher. She is taking everything in stride and helping me out immensely. I had things ready and have been trying to get as much assessing done as possible, but things were not quite as in place as I would have liked.

Since I am suppose to be doing as little activity as possible I decided to do some of the many crafts I have on my list for school.

This one was not quite as easy as I thought it would be and it doesn't look glamorous, but the kids should enjoy it. I got the idea from the Considerate Classroom. 
Links will be attached to the hooks (3m hooks) and students will take the links off and sort them into the correct color. I used a velveeta box for the box and paint sticks (thanks to my sister- she works at Sherwin Williams) for the rods.

I got this wait stick idea also from the Considerate Classroom. She had circles with the kids names,but I think I am going to use their picture with their name below or I may mix it up and use names for the kids that are ready and pictures for the ones that aren't. The pictures will be placed on the stick in the order that they will be waiting their turn. I also included a picture of wait and have made additional pictures of wait for the kids that get really anxious about their turn. I have a student this year that I wish I could have used this with because I think this would have helped him A LOT!  

I also have made some interactive boards for my students with ASD and that are nonverbal to make them more included in the activities. This idea came from Sasha at The Autism Helper. I have only three choices unlike her board with lots because I think it will be less overwhelming for the kids. 

I color coded each of the boards too (I just use corrugated cardboard). 

This is for after we read a story: What you see? I see a ____. 

I am going to use my vocab theme cards that I made last summer and will correlate with our book for the kids to pick out what they see. 

At the end of the day we usually sing a song and the kids get to pick sometimes what we sing so this gives those students a choice in the song. 

I want to dance to...I usually let the kids pick the songs during movement so they can choose what they would like to sing. and I want to read... at the end of the day if we have time we will read a book that the kids choose. Those are some of their favorites shown. I am storing the choices in a baggie on the back of the board.

This will be great for centers. I got the idea from Melissa at The Autism Adventures of Room 83
I have pictures of the three centers that my students complete (play/social, language/academic, and fine motor) and the boxes coordinate to the tables where the centers are done at. This will be great for some of my kiddos that need the extra encouragement to complete their work. 

I found this placemat at Little Miss Kimberly Ann. I have adjusted it to meet my kiddos needs. The kids will pick I want and the food that we are eating that day (we do group snack and the kids don't get a choice). This will get the students communicating with us. The same for the drink. I will place the snack picture (crackers, goldfish, etc.) as the choice and the students can move it up to the place-mat area to communicate that with us. I am going to attach this to our cabinet next to the snacks. 

Last, but not least, our end of the year gifts came in and I attached the tag for kids. I made tags for the other ECSE teacher as well so she doesn't have to worry about it since she is helping me out in a huge way!

I hope you are having a great Wednesday! 

Our ECSE classes have been changing drastically in the kids we are getting. Many of our students are coming in with a  lot more severe disabilities and a mixed bag of delays and behaviors. With that said, we have had to quickly try to readjust the same curriculum and such for these needs and it is getting more and more challenging because we have students that are strictly SLI and academically delayed, but I also have students with severe ASD and Moderately Cognitively Impaired students that have not yet been placed into a program more appropriate with their needs. Add in that we are now getting students that are about 2.5 years old throughout the year from our 0-3 ISD program and some students are staying until they are six years old...we have a lot of diversity! With this large range of accommodations to meet we are having to revamp things and fortunately this year my ECSE partner has a lot of new and great ideas and with blogging I have been able to reflect on my students needs and readjust how I am teaching and knowing better what changes I can make (simple ones) that may help more of my students.

With that said, next year (I know it's crazy to start thinking about that already...but we have!) I plan on revamping my circle time.

Some of the ideas have come from

The Considerate Classroom
The Autism Adventures of Room 83
The Autism Helper
Little Miss Kimberly Ann (just found this blog and love it!)
and Teaching Special Thinkers

From all of these I have decided to make a circle time book for next year that is interactive for all my kiddos and can easily be differentiated for their their needs. I looked on tpt and found lots of great circle time books, but not quite for all of my students so I ended up creating my own that will work better for the kiddos in my room. Here are some of the pics of the book:

So I plan on adding to weather what should Froggy wear and adding a more interactive letter of the week activity to my calendar area. Otherwise, the calendar routine isn't going to change that much, but having the visuals right in front of the kids will make a huge difference and having them find the pieces, point along, etc. will most likely keep them better engaged and on task. Are you going to be revamping your circle time? If so, how or do you do something that you find the kids love?  I would love to hear your great ideas too!

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