We got smart boards this year and my kids are loving it. Right now I am still learning how to use it and unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to explore too much yet, but I did want to share some Smart Tools we have been using.

The hammer is great for the whack a mole game.

Magic noodles help with using correct pencil grasp when using the smart board.

This one is just a fun Halloween smart board tool. 

What kind of smart board tools do you use?!

This week was all about fall. However, for being the first week of fall it was definitely more summer like outside! It has been sunny and mid to high 70s all week! I love it!

Anyways, here are a few things we were up to...

1. For table time this week I put some letters and pattern blocks in the play-doh and the kids had to find it. They loved this!

2. We made shape scarecrows. 

3. We took pieces of chalk, dipped them in liquid starch and drew some pictures.There is no dust and it leaves bright markings.

4. We colored sand paper leaves. 

5.Now for a freebie...

I also have a Ten Timid Ghosts Emergent Reader at tpt for free! Make sure to check that out too!

During circle time I have a few students that I am constantly having to pull the circle time visuals out to remind them how to behave. Some of my kids also like to hold them, but I only have the large ones available so I made some smaller sized ones that the kids can hold. The colors coordinate to their cube chairs. In just the one week of using them it has really helped my kids that were struggling to stay on task and focused. You can get the freebie here. 

I started work tasks last week with my pm class and overall they have done great! For now I am just having the students complete one work box when they come in and then they can read a book or do a puzzle once it is finished. For the most part all of the students seem to be enjoying the activities and are beginning to understand the system. The one challenge I am having is I have one student who will get his work box, but he wants everyone else's. The next day he may get one of the ones he wanted the day before, but he no longer has an interest in that one. If you have any suggestions on how to get him to like the one he is suppose to do that day it would be greatly appreciated!

Students come and find their picture, draw the card, match it to the box, and complete the task. I move the clips down daily so the kids are doing all 12 of the tasks. This will last us a little over two weeks. As the year progresses I may add a second work box for all the students to complete, but I am going to wait until all my students feel confident and comfortable. 

I have created a couple more work tasks and plan on sharing them soon so stay tuned! Happy Monday!

I know this is a little late as talk like a pirate day was Friday, but I feel like this year is flying by and I am sprinting to keep up! Between trying to get my own kids back in the routine and getting my kiddos at school in the routine I haven't had time for much of anything else. However, I finally found a few minutes to make this pirate freebie for you guys. You can grab it here. Enjoy!

This past week we talked about the letter A, Apples, Squares, and the color red.

1. This year I have started Writing Journals. We are going to write in them once a week. The kids seemed to like them and hopefully that will continue!

2. I love this Shape Matching game and so do the kiddos! It is from Lakeshore and it is great because the kids can match the pictures or turn the mat over and just place the pictures for that shape on there. 

3. We made apple prints. One of the kids did try eating the apple, which I haven't had before. 

4. the kids snipped red tissue paper and tore construction paper to glue on the apple and they added some red glitter. 

5. We didn't have time last week to make circles with Cheerios so we made squares instead. 

What have you been up to this week?! Link up with Kacey to share! 

This is an easy behavior management tool you can use to help eliminate students running up to the line or yelling out I'm ready when lining up! All you need is a paint stick and pictures of your students. Place velcro on the paint stick and add a strip of velcro. Add the students pictures and starting at the wait sign call each student up individually. Students know when there turn is coming. It works great and makes it easier for the little ones to wait.

I keep changing how I want to incorporate task boxes and how to organize them so that they are easy for my students to use. After lots of thinking I think I finally came up with the solution. I am doing 'table time' when the kids first come in. This past week we did puzzles, magnetic boards, and some writing, but next week I am going to be introducing this to my little ones in the pm class. Each student has a picture on a clip. They will find their clip, take the square card and match it to the task box on the other side of the cabinet. They will complete the task. All the square cards match the color where they are stored. To start students will just complete one task, but as time goes on more tasks can be added. The morning class I am just going to start introducing the different tasks to them to help them. The majority of the pm class were here last year and have completed the tasks or should easily be able to figure out what to do.  We'll see how this goes!

You can get the squares I use here.

1. First in home news...My baby girl turned 4 months! Time is flying by and she is getting so big! Ethan started swim class and loved it!

2. My kids have been LOVING adapted books this year! 

3. We did some marble painting. This week's shape was circles so this was perfect. We also did some painting with caps to make circles, but I didn't get a picture.

4. We played a Shape Identification game that I got from Lola at Preschool Wonders. The kids loved it!

 5. We practiced colors by doing a pom pom color drop. The students used alligator tongs to pick up pom poms and then put them down the same color tube.

What have you been up to this week?! Make sure to share with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!


This week we had Open Houses and our first day of school. All were a success!!! I am looking forward to a great year! The aid I have right now is fabulous and I am hoping she will be able to stay! Anyways, here are a few things we did this week.

1. Open House Set-Up
 2. We did fine motor tray exploration. The kids loved scooping and using the bubble tongs.

3. School flip it, match it, say it was a success!

4. The school sensory bin was fun for them too!

5.You can get a fun freebie if you like my facebook page.


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Freebie Fridays

Have a great weekend!

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Here are some simple work tasks we are going to be doing this month.

Here are some sorting tasks. I used mini play-doh containers to sort ocean pony beads.

This idea came from Adaptive Tasks. She used paper clothes,but I used Barbie clothes or you could use baby doll clothes.

This is from my Roasting Marshmallow activities.  The kids string a marshmallow together with a shoelace or string. 

This is a matching task using Memory cards glue into the tray.

This is using clear film canisters and straws. The students put the right color straws in the correct container. 

This is also used with film canisters (the teacher before me had LOTS of these in the arts and crafts closet!). I put tape on top of the containers and how many pom-poms they are suppose to place in there. They can use tweezers to make this more challenging. 

I also have two mega block visuals that will be a work task for the kids to teach them how to use the mega blocks. 

You can get these mega block visuals here.

If you have some work tasks make sure to link up with Chris at Autism Classroom News!

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