Donor's Choose Project

A couple of year's ago I set up my first donor's choose project for an iPad. The application process was and still is pretty simple and it is great because they do have people that check it for you to see if you need to add additional information. This time around I set up a project for gross motor and sensory equipment for my students. Last time, I didn't need to advertise the project. It was funded quickly and easy (I think this is due to the fact that Donor's Choose was not as large as it is now). This time around I had to put in a lot more time to advertise and ask for donations. I didn't have any people fund it that were not related a student or mine or that I knew. So if I were to do this again I would definitely recommend that you choose smaller projects that you think could get funded relatively easily rather one big project or split up a project in half to get it funded easily.

The equipment came in super fast (within a week) and the thank you process is also not crazy difficult. I made a thank you card template for my kids that each of them filled out and took pictures and I will be writing a thank you stating the impact that this equipment has made on my students.

I definitely recommend taking advantage of Donor's Choose, but do expect to ask friends, family, and your student's parents for help. :)

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