Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Assessment Files

Well, I started to get some of my things for the fall ready yesterday. Crazy...I know! But I had the urge to do it and I went with it. Next year I have 18/24 kids returning so I decided to start to get some of my assessment files labeled. Before doing that though I printed out my things to do at the beginning of the year checklist. If you don't have one I recommend doing this! At the start of my second year I started making a list of the things that I do at the start of the year (all the things done before the kids walk in the door). Then, I typed it up and now I print it out yearly and have a little checklist! It makes things much easier!!!! I do the same for the end of the year. 

Back to my files. So I keep a bin with the files in it. They are split up am and pm. 

On the labels I mark whether the child is am, pm, and if the child is a 3rd year student (our kids can only stay for a max of three years). 

I keep the student's files together. This is one child so in the hanging folder is all their first and second year assessments. 

I have premade labels...which this year all I had to adjust was the am and pm and add third year. Super easy! Then, I organized (put the am class in alphabetical order and the pm class in alphabetical order). 

In these files I keep all of my students report card assessments. 

When a child moves on to K, I combine the 2-3 files into one and file them away in a file cabinet labeled by year.

How do you organize all your report card assessments?

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