Let's Get Talking

This year my morning class is mostly nonverbal. They have a few words here and there but not a lot. Out of these kids about half of them have great receptive language and want to talk, but can't so I made these fun sentence strips to start to get them talking. 

I want to make sure the things they are talking about are important to them so I chose some topics that are important to them. 
I like to eat
I like color or I see
I like to play (sport)
I like to (general)
I like to drink

Here is how to use it:
Print all pieces on cardstock. Laminate. Cut apart cards on p. 7-14. place Velcro on p. 5-6 in squares and behind pictures.
Students will choose the item of their choice or if showing the card (will need to print a second copy of p. 10-14).  Then, students with the picture prompts will repeat the sentence. Place the cards to be chosen as the answer in the holding charts on p. 5-6

I have some similar activities and we are in the works of using PECS with the students so this is a great supplement for that! 

You can find this product here! 

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