It has been a dreary weekend here...rain and cold (40s). Since the weather has been nice for being outside I have had some time to finish up on some activities that are half way done. 

Here is another dramatic play props great for your little ones. They are simple, but will help encourage language and communication between my kiddos. They are also working on colors, counting, and manners. I also have a mega pack of dramatic play activities available here (it is a better deal than buying individually).  

You can find the Flower Shop here. 

Here is what is included:

The students will request how many and what color flowers they like. 

There are cards to connect to the flowers. 

There is a checklist for the students to use and a receipt. Each flower is $1 for easy counting. 

There is a flower shop sign, what types of flowers, open/ closed sign and phone number cards.

I have vases, flowers, and aprons all ready to go. Can't wait to use this next year! 

Happy Sunday!


I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

Only 3 1/2 more days! These last few weeks have been crazy between IEPs, end of the year celebrations for my students and my own kids,trying to finish up assessing, and just the other end of the year craziness.

1. I wanted to share these cute projects my son's class did for their pirate week.

A pirate ship.

A skull.

And walking the plank (balance beam)

2. We got these covers for the lights a couple of weeks ago and I must say I love them! I did not realize how bright the room was until we put these up. 

3. I made these handprint flower books for our parent helpers. You can grab the cover here. The flowers are from Ashley Hughes

4. I placed these crabs in the sand and the students identified the lower case letter and wrote it on the dry erase board. 

5. Ethan had his first soccer game this morning! It was fun to watch all the little ones run around the field. 

Have a great weekend! 

I just finished up the Ice Cream Shop. Perfect for the end of the year! 

What's Included:
Directions: print all on cardstock and laminate.. 
p. 4-5 Ice Cream Shop Signs
p. 6 Open/ Closed Sign- fold in half and laminate. Add a ribbon to hang If you choose. 
p. 7 flavors and cost
p. 8-9 labels to put by flavors and toppings
p. 10 check off list for students to choose what they would like
p. 11 receipt and count- have students circle the items and then count them.
p. 12-13 I want request. Put velcro on the back of pictures (p. 13) and in the squares on p. 12. students request what they would like. 
p. 14 phone number cards
p. 15 name tags. 

Happy Wednesday!

I cannot wait to use these veterinarian dramatic play props next year with my kiddos. You can find it here. 

 Here is what is included:
Activities Included: 
Vet Office Sign (2 options) p. 5-6
Open/ Closed p. 7
Waiting Room Sign p. 8
Animal Information Card p. 9-11
Dr. I Need…tools p. 12-13
Dr. Report p. 14
Your Pet Needs p. 15-16
Sign In Sheet p.17
Vet Phone Card p. 18
Dr. Badge p. 19
Prescription p. 20
Receipt p. 21

How to Use: All items will need to be printed on cardstock and laminated. 
Open/ closed is to be folded in half and can be flipped. You may choose to add ribbon to it to hang it.
Animal Information Card- Add velcro to the back of the pictures on p. 10 and in the information sheets on p. 9. velcro can be added to the picture holding sheet on p. 11 (you may or may not choose to use this). Students will read the question and pick out the card that answers the question. 
Dr. I need- velcro will need to be added to the back of the items and to the graph on p. 11. The dr. will pick the item they need and place it in the sentence strip. Then they will repeat the sentence as best as they can to their nurse. 
Dr. Report- the dr. will color in the smiley or sad face
Your pet needs- velcro will need to be added to the back of the items and to the holding graph (one on p. 13 and other on p. 16) and pictures. Dr. will take picture and place items of what things need to be done to make the animal feel better. 
Sign In Sheet- children will write their name with wet erase
Vet phone card
Dr. Badge- child will write their name with wet erase. 
Prescription- Dr. will circle the dosage and refills to give the patient. They can sign their name at the bottom
Receipt- Dr. will circle the price and sign their name at the bottom. 

You can find the Vet Props here. 

Do you have different dramatic play props/ boxes? What are your favorites?!


I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a few things we did.

1. We did ladybug counting spots and matching the number
2. We made butterflies.

3. I got these question smash mats. My kids love these! We did the what questions the other day and they had a blast. They are from Simply Speech. My kids love them!

4. I have been working on commenting sentences with the help of Sasha from The Autism Helper's  Commenting Visuals! My nonverbal kids love this because they are able to communicate what they see!

5. Have a great weekend! We are staying home but the weather is supposed to be nice so we should be able to be outside.  

Snack time is a great opportunity to work on conversation skills with your little ones. Requesting items, using manners, and talking with friends. However, a lot of my kiddos don't know what to talk about. So this past year I have been talking about different topics each month and then placing the prompts on the tables for the students to refer to, to talk with their peers. I keep them up on the cabinet and then just pull them down and place them on the table at snack time. I have heard more of my students talking (even if it is just talking about the pictures). It is getting them talking and learning to take turns during a conversation. You can find more of these prompts here.

Have a great Saturday!

I got this picture direction cards from From the Pond and I love them! I use them at my fine motor and language centers to show my students what each task is to complete the center. This has really helped my students stay on task and complete their work more efficiently. I have added other task cards in addition to the ones in the packet so this can be used for all of our activities, but my kids love it. As soon as we complete a task, we turn the picture over to show it is completed. If a child is not sure of what to do I am able to take that visual and keep it closer to them so they know what to do. It helps my students anticipate what to do and has taken some of the stress they get out of the activity and they know when this is done they can choose a free choice item.

How do you help keep your kiddos on task?


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share some of the random things we have been up to in the last month that I forgot to share.

Here we go:

1. Counting out apples for the horse.

2. The pig we made.

3. Our earth day headbands. One of my students is still wearing it! 

4. We scooped the hay, counted them out and wrote how many. You can grab that freebie here.


Now for some random freebies I didn't get the opportunity to share.

Have a great weekend! We are off to a wedding today and Madi's first birthday party is tomorrow! Hard to believe my baby girl is 1! :)

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News
Here are some of our current work box tasks. 

1. Before and After Numbers. 

2. Complete the sentence. You can find that here. 

3. Monster Truck Adapted Book. You can find that here on tpt. 

4. I got this great freebie from Preschool Wonders. It is Bear Sees Colors and students sort the colors. 

5. Stringing golf balls, spools, and beads on to pipe cleaners. 

6. Drawing spots on the dog. These dogs came from prekinders

7. The students clipped the different monster truck. You can find that here. 

8. Sorting teddy bears by small, medium, and big. 

9. Shape clip matching. This is a freebie you can get here. 

Link up with The Autism Classroom News to share what work boxes you are doing! 

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