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1. This past weekend my baby sister got married! It was a beautiful day and I hope that her move out to KS goes well. In a matter of four days she has gotten married, moved back to KS, moved into a new apartment, and started a new job! Yikes!
2. I reupholstered our storage ottoman and I love it! My husband hates color and I love it and I am slowly adding more of it around the house.
There is a great tutorial about how to do it here. 
3. We have been enjoying the hot weather (90s and humid) here in MI. Ethan loves his best buddy Aaron. 
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5. Today is my birthday and I am having a giveaway! My new Pirate Math Activities and 5 Little Pirates Poem! The giveaway runs through Sunday so make sure to check back! 

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This is a simple activity, but great for developing the pincer grasp. I found a great chart showing the fine motor development of children here. 

Most of my students in my class are at the 2-3 years old or below. So this simple activity is great for developing strength in their fingers and the pincer grasp. 

1. Roll the play-doh. 

2. Using their "go" fingers pinch the play-doh using their pincer grasp. 

This simple activity will help your students get ready for correct pencil grasp and for holding scissors and cutting! 

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This throwback Thursday is going way back to August 2011! Near when I started blogging! 
I continue to do this name matching yearly and it is great if students finish early or if we have a little extra time before the next activity. 
Name Matching

To make this all you need to construction paper and Velcro. I typed up the students names in comic sans (two per page-one at the top and one at the bottom) and printed off a copy. Run it through the copier and put it onto construction paper. I then laminated the page, cut out the letters at the bottom and attached Velcro on the back. Attach Velcro underneath and you have name matching task for your kiddos.

I am linking up with Freebilicious to share my wonderful idea that I need to implement better!!!
This original idea came from Lindy at  The Considerate Classroom
 A Wait stick. My students get very anxious and jump up and try to run up to the line even before i have called them. So to help reduce the pushing and shoving and the "I was sitting" being yelled out here is a wait stick. I used a large paint stick and attached velcro to it and then added the students pictures. Now the students can see whose turn is going to be next and when their turn will be. It is also is great because the special helper (this changes daily for me) can always be first. 

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I got the idea for Touch and Feel books from Alyssa at Simply Special Ed. 
For the Brown Bear Book I found the visuals here.
I used different materials I had in my craft area (ribbon, felt, flannel, yarn, cotton). I also did not use feathers because my first year I had a student allergic to them. 

I also made a touch and feel shape book. 

I cannot wait to use these with my students! 

I am linking up with Freebilicious to tell you little bit about myself. 

1. I have two kids, Ethan and Madi, whom I LOVE more than anything! They are my world!

2. I love to work out! Right now I have been doing a lot of working out at home. Lindsay Brin is my favorite. I love to run, bike, swim. I love to be on the go!

3. I went to school at LSSU in the Upper Peninsula of MI and ran cross country and track there. That is where I met my husband, Matt. The team still gets together sporadically and it is one big party! Love them!

4. I love me some Starbucks! 
5. I love creating, crafting, and decorating! My most recent diy was the kitchen backsplash. Love it!

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Here are my must haves:
1. Velcro
Image result for velcro
2. Laminator and Laminating Sheets
 Image result for scotch laminator
3. Duotang Folders

4. Mailing Lables in a variety of sizes. 
Image result for avery mailing labels
5. Starbucks!
Image result for i love starbucks images

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My tip for you is to make extra packets that you make at the beginning of the year for students that may enter your class throughout the year.  In ECSE we have students transitioning in throughout the year. I keep a  ziploc baggie with all of the items that a new student will need. This includes handouts to having to make their birthday crown and placemat. It is easier to have a lot of extras than to be looking for each item half way through the year. 

I have a freebie if you click on the apples and back to school freebie pictures for some freebies, but I also have some other fun freebies that are great for back to school!

A letter I send home to my parents about how to teach ABC's.

I am also having a giveaway. You can win my Back to School Mega Pack. You can enter daily so make sure to check back! 
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Lastly, here is the link to the BTS E-book. Make sure to check it out for freebies and some great back to school tips! 

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