Five for Funday!

I am linking up with Kacey to share some fun and easy crafts for in and out the classroom. The weather here in MI has been kind of blah so I have had lots of time to craft, which I love!

1. Lift the flap touch and feel boards. All you need old wipe lids. Glue on to cardboard. place items inside of the lids and students can lift the flap and the students can touch the different types of fabric.  

2. Some of my students that liked putting items into different containers are losing interest in that and have started throwing the items in the container everywhere so I came up with this. I just used a small shoe box and put some small items at the bottom. I strung yarn in and out. students have to figure out how to get the items out of the box. I tried them out on Friday and this kept their interest for quite awhile. I have a bunch of random little things that I can put in the bottom of the box so once they start to get bored with those items I can add something different. 

3. We got new drapes and I didn't like how they just hung there when they were opened so I made these fun burlap flower tie backs. Super cute and easy to make!

4. I updated some of my St. Patrick's Day decor. Much happier with how they  look now. :)

5. If you have not checked out my review on The Pencil Grip, Inc. please do! I am also giving away a package of three grips to someone! Please enter the giveaway. You can find that here. 

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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