Lesson Plan Format

I was asked to share my lesson plan. Here is a screen shot of it and I have a separate binder for the vocabulary core board activities and a separate binder with the table time and work box activities. I usually take pictures of the work boxes and table time activities and put them into the folder. 

In the front of my binder I have all of the Creative Curriculum goals and standards we are expected to meet and I have listed when throughout the day they are met because many of our goals are met daily. 

You can grab the sample of the lesson plan here. 

I have an am (2.5-4 year olds) and pm (4-6 year olds) class so the day goes by really fast!

Here is a break down of the times. Right now movement has been a little longer for my am class as they are not quite ready to sit for an extended calendar time. 
You can grab a copy of that here.

What do your lesson plans look like?

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