I am linking up with Kacey to share some of the activities we did this past week.
1. Last week I was able to do some crafting which I love! 
I made this sunburst mirror. You can check out how to make it here from Love, Create, Celebrate. I had all the materials already, which was even better!

I also finally finished my patriotic wreath. I started this back in May and just never finished it, but I went and bought the red flowers this past weekend and finally got it done! :)

2, This week we practiced identifying letters...

3. We did some shape matching 

And we practiced counting out the people on the bus and sorting them by color. You can find those mats here. 

4. We had fun learning about fall! 

You can find the Fall Flip It, Say It, Stamp It here (and it's free!). 

5. Last, but not least we started singing Going on a Bear Hunt with our cameras

Have a great weekend!!!

Here are the plans for the words who, you, he, she. 

Here are some of the videos/ songs we will be watching and singing. 

Some of the activities we will be doing are playing Knock, Knock Who is There? Game. There are two wants to play to emphasize all of the core vocab words. 

We will also be playing Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? 

We will also be reading this emergent reader and answering the question Who Has More? with the core vocab boards. 

Check out all the activities and 20 weeks of activities here. 

I had some handouts that I was giving to my parents that were very outdated, so I finally got around to updating them! 

The first one is 16 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters. 

The next one was sequential steps for learning how to cut. 

This is a scavenger hunt I am going to use in the future when we have Open House with my preschoolers. 

You can find these freebies here. 

Have a great Sunday!

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. 

1. Matching colors. I found these borders at the Dollar Store and cut the borders shorter and I painted clothespins so the kids could clip and match the colors. 

2. We used the vocabulary boards to determine if the crayons were the same or different. You can find the crayons freebie here.

3. We started practicng matching our names. 

4. We sorted apples by size and matched apple emotions.

You can grab this apple matching freebie here.

5. We painted the top of our apple trees. We used red pom poms dipped in the red paint to make the apples. We still need to finish the trunks and will take a picture when they are done. :)

Next week we will be learning all about fall. It is finally starting to feel like fall here in MI, which I LOVE! Have a great weekend!

I am linking up with Forever in 5th Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday. 

Fall is in the air and we have made sure to stop and get some cider and donuts! 

My new calm down area has been great for the kiddos. All the visuals are accessible and the kids really have been calming down better now that they have a safe place to go. 

Ethan started soccer this fall. Madi wants to play so badly too, but she is still too little. 

Ethan officially started preschool and is loving it!

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. 
Here are a few things we did our first day of school (last Friday) and first whole week. 
1. We made first day of preschool hats. We also did some put in tasks. 

2. We played Flip It, Say It, Stamp It. We did this with school words and the wheels on the bus words too. You can find the Wheels on the Bus Activities here.

The School Words Flip It, Say It, Stamp It is free and you can find that here.

3. We worked on sorting good vs. sad behavior and we used our Core Vocabulary Boards to point to happy vs. sad. You can find the sorting activity here.

4. We practiced lacing and cutting this week. 

 5. Our color this week was yellow and the shape this week was circle so we painted yellow circles with toilet paper rolls.

My kiddos have been falling into the classroom routine very nicely and have been doing wonderful! I hope you have been having a great couple weeks back! Have a relaxing weekend! 

The math center in my classroom is done at table time with free exploration time and it is also done back at my table during centers with more direct instruction of how to do things.
At table time the students are building and exploring the materials. 
At my table students are practicing counting out items, identifying numbers, colors, shapes, etc. and doing this in hands on ways (using ten frames and counting out mini erasers or sorting pictures).

Learning to identify the colors, shapes, and numbers, Learning how to problem solve, communicate their thoughts, count out items. Learning how to differentiate between items and now why they are different or similar.  

To show students how to match, identify similarities and differences, guide their thinking and problem solving if they get stuck. Get students verbally expressing their thoughts and the different colors, shapes, etc. Also, identifying numbers, colors, shapes in the real world. 

Hop on over to Preschool Wonders for more great ideas!

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