Here are some more of the mini lessons we have been doing to teach the core vocabulary words. 

The focus word: Different. 

This word is very abstract and tricky for my kiddos to understand, but this activity did help a couple of them.

We had three pink fish. These fish never changed. Then, a different color fish would be drawn from the box and the students would have to select the one that was different (we did mix up the order) and then they would come up and say, I caught a different fish or it's different. 

Focus word: who

We watched Who Stole the Cookie from Super Simple Songs, but this time we read the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and asked who is under the bridge, who is walking over the bridge, etc. Who is trying to go over the bridge? 

Core Vocabulary Word: She

For this we read There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, but it could be done with any of the Old Lady Books. 
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

While reading the book we emphasized the word she. Then, we retold the story with a large old lady cut out and the students put the animals in the mouth. They would say/show she ate...

Focus Words: up/down

For this activity I put the clock up on the board and students were given an animal. We would say the rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock and change out the animals. Students would point to up and down. 

Let's Get Talking! Core Vocabulary Board Activities for ECSE

If you are looking for some fun Spring activities you can check these out here. 

Here are some of our favorite Spring Books!
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

  In the Small, Small Pond

  Bear Sees Colors (The Bear Books)

Bear Wants More

  When Spring Comes

Here are some of the activities we have done in the past too!

What are some of your favorite spring activities and books to do with your kiddos?

I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday! 

We have been exploring geoboards and have been spelling our names with them. 

One of the volunteers in our classroom made these fun sensory blankets for some of our kiddos! They love them and they are great fidgets for circle time because they are quiet! :)

A couple of weeks ago we signed Ethan up for Kindergarten! I cannot believe he will be going into Kindergarten! I am so not ready! 

Madi started dance class. She loves it! She is doing tap and ballet!

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My kiddos are slowly learning how to use the core vocabulary board. Here are some activities we have done in the classroom to help them learn certain words. All of the activities focus on one to two words. 

The focus word: it

We read a book,Whose Teeth Are These?  It is a fun lift the flap book for students to guess the animal. 

The students are shown the teeth and they have to guess who they belong too. When they came up we had them point to it... and then say what animal they think it is. That child then gets to lift the flap to see if they were right. They really liked this. 

We finished reviewing by watching the video again and focusing on pointing to it when the children guess the shadow. 

The next word we focused on was not.

For this activity we watched Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

After listening to the song we had  a small cookie jar and we had the kiddos close their eyes and gave the cookie to one child. They opened their eyes and then we called up a couple of students. They would say/ show not me. Then, we would call up the child with the cookie and they would say I did!

We again reviewed the song at the end and had the students point to not as the song was sang. 

Another fun activity is for the word help. We had a container with a difficult lock and the kids would have to point to the word help to get it open. Inside was small change purses (also a challenge to open). The change purse would be given to another child and they would have to request help to get it open. Inside was a small animal or item. The kids really liked this one!

Another fun activity is for the words I do. You will need a potato head all built together. We identified the parts of the potato head as we took him apart. The question would be asked, "Who wants to put on the..." and the students would need to point/say "I do" and then we would select different child to help put the piece on to build the potato head.  All of the kiddos wanted to help build the potato head. 

For this activity I actually used a game (this was one of my first creations as a teacher!) where we line up numbers 1-10 and then hide a small marshmallow behind one of the numbers. Students take turns guessing where the marshmallow will be. I make a big deal about saying it is ___'s TURN. WHAT number do you think it is hiding? And when we flip the number over we emphasize it is NOT under number ___. 

For this activity we again are focusing on the word not. You will need dry erase boards and markers that work and don't work. We gave the students a marker and many of them did not work. They would have to show/say not working and then we would give them another. Eventually they got a marker that worked and they could make a creation (they were that much happier that it did work too!). 

If just getting started with using core vocabulary boards and you are not sure how to start using them in your classroom, check out my Core Vocabulary Mega Pack with weekly activities and work box tasks or you can find them individually. Core Vocabulary Activities and Core Vocab Work Box Tasks.  Stay tuned for more core vocabulary activities! 

Spring Print and Go! for Pre-K and Kindergarten
I don't know about you, but March is crazy busy! Between starting IEPs and assessing and lots of extra meetings sometimes I don't have time to prep or I have to be out of the classroom for some meetings. If you're in a pinch of need work for the sub these Print and Go! Activities are perfect (more themes to come)! 
Here are some of the activities included:

There are a range of activities for your kiddos! Check it out here. 

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