You can find the monster activities here. 

We have made shape monsters. 

Monster hands and you could make feet out of rectangular tissue boxes.

Blowing paint with straws to create monsters. 

Monster counting mats. 

Monster same vs. different.

Shape Monster. 

Torn paper monsters.

These mats are from prekinders

We rolled balls of playdough for the monster to eat.

Foam shape monsters.

Using tongs students match the pom poms to the color monsters.

Smash a monster letter.

Here are some of our favorite monster books.

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I have compiled eight activities that I am going to have my students make this year and then send home to continue to practice with their parents. A lot of them work on fine motor, but you can incorporate shapes, colors, letters, and numbers into them too. 

1. Writing in the sand. For this one I have saved shoebox lids and got some sand. Pour in the sand and practice writing letters, shapes, numbers, their name, etc.

2. DIY chalkboards. For this one I used cardboard and some chalkboard paint I had from a previous project. Do two coat of the paint on the cardboard and you got a chalkboard. 

3. I spy eyeglass made from a paper towel roll (the ones from school are usually more durable then the ones from home). Students can look for colors, shapes, items, etc.

4. Sensory bottles. You can look for different items in the bottles or they are great when the child needs to calm down.These you can add beads, glitter, food coloring, or anything else to your bottle.

5. Put in tasks. These can be made with old containers and put holes in the lid and students can put in pom poms or you can put in straws into taller containers. You can even use old Starbucks cups to put the straws into.  

6. Lacing beads or buttons on a pipe cleaner. The buttons are a bit more challenging for students that are ready!

7. Gel sensory bags made from Dollar Store hair gel and add some glitter. I sealed shut with duct tape so that they won't hopefully open it. Make sure there is no excess air in the bag. 

8. Lacing pictures. Cut out shapes on card stock. Have students hole punch around the edge and add some yarn to one hole and have students go back and through the hole to make the shape/ shapes or items. 

This year we are going to be making these items in class with the kids and sending them home. I think it will be fun for the students to show their families something they made, but also something they can continue to practice and do!

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This year I am going to be trying to do some more science experiments. You can find all of these experiments and more (there are 10 different ones) and recording sheets here. 

Here are some of the experiments included! Most of the experiments are mess free and easy to do! 

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