Earth Day Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Here's a peak into the updated Earth Day Activities.

Here is a peak into my ABC table time activities. Inspiration from @practicallyprek. During table time this coming school year I want to make sure to expose students to a lot of different activities that re-enforce the letter of the week. 
This is how I will be organizing the materials. 

Here are some of the activities we will do. 

All I can say is what a school year! Between a pandemic, changing districts in October, four classroom moves throughout the school year, figuring out how to organize all of my personal teaching items because they are being stored at my home and need to be accessible, and learning how things are done in the new district. We are continuing to do Distance Learning with students, but I will not be in my classroom and with the students daily. I've started thinking about what I want to do to make next year amazing! And right now I have the time and motivation to do it too!  I am really looking forward to starting fresh this coming fall. I am going to be in a great elementary building, have another ECSE teacher next door to me, and will be more familiar with the IEP system, evaluation system, etc. I am really looking forward to it to say the least. So my list of changes this coming school year are lengthy!

1.Table time is going to be fine motor skills. Inspired by @practicallyprek (check her out on Instagram!). More about that to come soon! 
2. Signing name or matching for students not ready, will go back to circle time. 
3. The new district I am teaching in is MUCH more diverse than where I was previously. I want to make sure to keep holiday themes more general and discuss a lot of them! More of a holidays around the world. Thanksgiving will be more about healthy vs. unhealthy foods. 
I am going to be sending this note to parents to learn more about what holidays, if any that they celebrate. You can grab a copy here.
4. Bring back my visual daily what did I do in our communication folders. You can find this here. 

5. Free choice will be more specific choices that will be posted on the board. Mini pics specifically saying what in the area they can play with will be pictured. 

6. With students coming in throughout the school year I am going to be using a Meet the Teachers that will be posted outside of my classroom, but also being sent in the welcome folder. I am VERY fortunate to have an incredible team and ancillary staff are in the classroom three days, sometimes four days a week so I want the parents to know who is working with their child. It takes a village! 
7. Core vocabulary tubs. Introducing a core vocabulary word a week and doing it as part of  first circle time. Read about these here.

8. Including social emotional lesson activities in my weekly news note. Last year I did a big write up, but I would like to start doing shorter, weekly updates with pictures of what we discussed. 
9. Most days I will have 4 center rotations and my goal is to be better prepared for it. This past year we did not have a second para until February and I have never had this much help in the classroom so I found that a bit overwhelming, but I feel better about it for next year and have a better plan. 
2-Fine Motor, Sensory
3-Teacher Table
10. Bring back writing time. I missed doing journals with the kiddos and the kids really did improve from first being shown directly what to be drawn and as the year progressed began to be able to draw what they wanted to share. 
What do you plan on changing up for next year?!
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