I justt posted smoe fun color activities for toddlers and young preschoolers. 

You can find these activities here. 

Included you will find color cards. You can use these cards for sensory bins too. 

There are color books for each color. 

There is lso a fun texture book the kiddos can make. Here are some of the pictures they will make. 
A sun made with tissue paper. 

Pumpkin made with puffy paint, glue, and food coloring. 

A sheep covered in pulled cotton. 

Use bingo daubers or kwik stix. 

Use marker and glitter to make the elephant. 

For the heart you can use foam stickers or paint with heart. 

You can check all of these activities here

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All you need is some painter's tape, toy car, yoga mat and paper plates. 

You can also have students sit on the paper plates and scoot around the carpet. 

All of these activities can be done easily in the classroom during whole or small group and require little prep. Do you do any OT activities in your classroom that your kids really love? 

This February we will be learning about Groundhog's Day, Transportation, and Valentine's Day.
Here are some activities you can do for the month!

You can find these activities here.
You can find these transportation activities here.
Pre-K and Kindergarten Transportation Literacy and Math Ac
And last, but not least Valentine's Day!
You can find these activities here.
Here are some fun freebies too!
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