With Halloween approaching and my due date (Oct. 24th) I have been having the urge to be more crafty and make things. Maybe it is my nesting instict kicking in. Well, today I created a couple of sorting mats that need to be laminated for my kids to do that are Halloween related. My little ones in the morning need lots and lots of fine motor support this year so I have been creating some fine motor games as well.
Here is one of the sorting mats. I got the foam pieces from Michaels. I bagged 3 pieces of each of the 4 pictures to be sorted into separate baggies.
Here is the second sorting mat. For my little ones I will place a piece on the mat first to assist them, but for my older preschoolers I will try to have them sort the pieces completely independently.

The fine motor game I created today was four panera bread cups I covered in scrapbook paper and cut up the large straws into smaller pieces. Children place the straws or pom-poms or other manipulative into the container. This can be made into a more challenging activity by having someone hold the cup sideways and children insert the manipulative from the side (Thanks Ms. Nancy for the suggestion!).

Early next week I will post a couple of the other fine motor activities we will be doing this week. :)
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