Today I went and visited school and I must say I am 1.not ready to go back and 2. nervous about all that I have to do- getting my room back in order, completing report cards for conferences, and getting my kids in order! Also, getting through parent teacher conferences and scheduling child studies. So much to do and will have very limited time when I return to get all of these things completed. For now I just need to remember to focus on Ethan and spending my last full week with him. Anyways, before my little one was born I had made some whole group games to be played while I was gone and for when I return.

Turkey Game. The morning kids will be asked to pick a colored feather and attach it to the turkey. I will be adding velcro to hold the feathers in place. On the back of the feathers are letters that will be done with my afternoon class. So this is very versatile.

ABC Feathers-
Colored Feathers-
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