Heading back to work was definitely more challenging than I anticipated! Trying to balance work,spending as much time with Ethan and just getting ready for the holidays has made the last few weeks insanely busy and exhausting! It has been good to see my little ones at school though! I did miss them and missed being at work some. We made a parent gift today. We decorated frosting lids. I cut a hole at the top and put some string through to be able to hang it and I am currently uploading my kids pictures and will put that on the other side of the frosting lid. I will add a picture of the completed ornament tomorrow. I need to get the pics developed. I also created a playdough mat that we will be using at the holiday party this coming Wednesday. We are also going to be making some reindeer chow at the party. I will have to make some adjustments to it as I need to watch out for peanut allergies. I am definitely looking forward to break beginning at the end of next week!

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