2011 has been an exciting year! We had our son Ethan who is growing so quickly! We did some more work to our house and will continue to work on it in 2012. My husband started his new job and we have had the opportunity to reconnect with friends! I also began bloggin this year. It has been fun and exciting! Break has been restful and fun. Unfortunately, also very busy. I have not had the opportunity to make lots of new activities, but I plan on making some this up coming week. I still have off! Yay! One more week to spend with my little one! One activity I did create was matching letters to form a word. We will be doing this activity as a whole group and then we will do it in centers. This activity will teach my students how to match and learn some letters if they are ready (some just need to work on matching!) and I will also show the students how to read from left to right. Another skill that many do not know. I am lucky if they hold the book the correct way right now! Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012! I will continue to post some new books and such using either Scrappin' Doodles or KPM Doodles. So some activities will be coming soon! :)

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