Longing for Spring

I cannot wait for spring and spring break! We are heading down to Tennessee to see my husband's family and for Ethan to meet his Great Grandman and Great-Great Grandma. Very exciting! We are also going to be going to Chatanooga for the first time ever and for Ethan's first ever 'vacation'. It should be lots of fun. However, with the snow lingering and not getting snow day (much to my disappointment) I am ready for spring to come. I can't wait to get Ethan out in his jogging stroller and be able to start running outside again and just working out more!
Well, in the spirit of spring and trying to get a little bit ahead finally I made some books that I plan on using with my little ones this year. The morning class is just beginning to identify a couple numbers and counting to 10 by themselves, which is great to see! So I made some books to work on that, but of course we cannot forget colors as the morning class needs LOTS of repetition! The afternoon class we are really beginning to work on writing numbers and letters. Unfortunately that is a skill that many are struggling with. Even writing their name is a challenge for some so we need lots of practice and repetition! Positional words is another area that we need to continue practicing on for both morning and afternoon class.

How Many Dots on Ladybugs

How Many Scoops of Ice Cream Write

How Many Scoops of Ice Cream

What Color Ice Cream

Where is the Bee

How Many Dots on Ladybugs Write

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