Spring Cleaning

I came across a bunch of my stuff from when I taught Kindergarten and decided to upload some it. I must admit I do miss teaching kindergarten. They always had the funniest stories to tell and it was so much fun to see the progress they made, which was a lot! My ECSE kids the progress is much slower and it is much more minimal, but they are lovable in their excitement and how genuine they are. Well, anyways here are a few things I used all the time when I taught Kindergarten. I am also trying out google docs since Scribd has not been working as well.

ABC Suggestions
Visual Schedule

The visual schedule I used with a student when he needed immediate satisfaction and to know a task and period of the day was completed. It worked well and if he completed all the tasks or certain subjects successfully he would receive a sticker. We worked towards a prize daily and then once that was consistent it changed  to weekly and so forth.

I used this editor checklist daily with my kids. We would check our writer's workshop writing and we would go through each thing and they would check their writing. I had drawn some picture cues to so the kids could remember.

Editor's Checklist

As I go through my stuff I will upload some more goodies that I come across.

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