Summer School-Pete the Cat

Week 1 of summer school is already done! It is crazy how fast it goes. It was quite cute as today the assistant Superintendant of the school was coming around and one of my kids goes, "Are you the president or something?". I had to laugh when he said that. Anyway, we had a busy first week and quite the variety of weather. The first two days were 100 and then Wed and Thurs rained so much that we have yet to really get outside and play, which is a bummer. I took a couple pictures of just a couple of our creations this week. The first day we made frames and I had the kids draw themselves. The frames turned out super cute. Yesterday, we made Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons. Today we wrote about what we would do in our school shoes and I had them paint some shoes with watercolors and we will add their picture with their shoes on.

Candy Letter Mats

Candly Letter Mats- Matching Upper and Lower Case Letters

Rhyming Concentration

Rhyming Concentration Cards

Paint a Pig
Paint a Pig FREEBIE


  1. We love Pete the cat! I don't have the newest book about the buttons.. Do you recommend it? We started with "I Live My White Shoes" and it is by far te most lived book in the class. So when I tried to introduce the school shoes book I thought my kids would go crazy for it! They just sat there looking at me like "tHIS is NOT Pete!" some even cried! I should have expected it. Sameness sameness sameness! It took me the whole year before they warmed up to te second one! I think they may like the button one (isn't it about counting? They LOVE numbers/counting and they LOVE Pete) thanks for the cute activity :)

  2. The newest Pete the Cat book was more about the introduction to subtraction, but my kids still enjoyed it. They love the original one though! My morning class didn't really connect with the other two books, but my afternoon class seemed to enjoy them more. I will agree the kids love to do the same things every single day, which is sometimes challenging for me because I like trying and doing different things. Do you have two classes as well or is it one class for the whole day? How old are your little ones?


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