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1.       I love the movies Little Mermaid and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2.       I LOVE running and ran in college, have ran a marathon, and many halfs. Ethan now runs with me but can only last a half hour in the jogging stroller so that is all I can get in right now.

3.       I LOVE northern Michigan! Not only did I go to school in the UP at Lake State my husband and I met there and we try to get up there at least once every summer.

4.     All of the team has stayed in contact and when we get together mostly for weddings to each other which is kind of crazy, it is one big party!
5.       I love being a mom! We will be trying to have a second next summer when I have enough sick days built up again.



  1. Your little one is such a cutie! :)

    I love Breakfast at Tiffany's as well. Have you seen the new kid's book about Audrey Hepburn-I think it's "Just Being Audrey"-I was really impressed-she just had such grace.


  2. Thanks! I will have to check that book out. I didn't know about the kids book!

  3. Your little guy is so cute! Way to go on running a marathon.
    The Hive


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