How Do You Plan?


The question is how do you plan? I feel like I am still trying to perfect that, but this is what I do.
I first create a list per month of themes I would like to do with the corresponding letter of the week, number and holidays. Then, during the summer I usually take out all of my old lesson plans and try to revamp them. Throughout the school year I make notes of what didn't work, what I would like to try, and what the kids loved. Since I have my students for 2-3 years I try to keep things different and fun, but also try to keep it consistent and repetitive because that is what my little ones LOVE! This past year I refered to pinterest for many of my arts and crafts activities. I also have some things that I didn't get to last year that I am hoping to try this year. I am especially looking forward to my monsters week because last year was the first year I was going to do that theme in October and I was out on maternity leave. I also know that the lesson plans I create will be adjusted and I leave them somewhat vague initially because I do not know what experiences my new students are coming in with. Some of my students know how to do very little life skills, let alone academic skills and some of my other students are coming in with the opposite. I also do not know how limited my students speech will be. This year I am really trying to include lots of visuals and hands-on experiences as much as possible to connect with my little ones! I will let you know how this plan goes! It is also a challenge because my students disabilities vary greatly from what they have been certified to even within what they are capable of doing. That is my biggest struggle when planning...making sure all of my students needs are met. I usually make adjustments during centers depending on the groups...I group them according to ability so that way the students can learn and help each other. I also make sure that during circle time that I give certain cards to certain activities or have them demonstrate things that I am certain they can do to build up their confidence. It is all a very fine line with them to make sure they are being challenged but not too the point of frusteration and anger because my students will shut down and it unfortunately will be for the remaining part of the day most times. Well, I hope I didn't ramble too much.

You know it's back to school when...I am heading to bed at 9pm and waking up at 5:30am. I am totally exhausted beyond belief for the first few weeks of getting back into this routine! I am looking forward to this school year and also panicked because I will be taking 2 grad classes and going to bed at 9pm may not be feasible and I need my sleep!!! We'll see how it goes! We'll see how good my time management can be!


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